Fish Goes On Shopping Spree After Exposing Japanese Owner's Credit Card Info On Livestream

I guess you could say they were up to something... fishy.

Cover image via @Mutekimaru_ch (Twitter)

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When you're streaming live, there's no telling what could possibly happen

A streamer in Japan is going viral after his pet fish went on a shopping spree using his credit card without him knowing on a livestream earlier this month.

The streamer, Japanese YouTuber Mutekimaru, is known for his gaming videos played by his tetra fish, after installing sophisticated motion tracking software in his fish tank. The software enables the fish to remotely control a Nintendo Switch console.

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Image via Fish Bazaar

The incident occurred when Mutekimaru stepped away while livestreaming a game of Pokémon after the game encountered an error

The crash caused the game to exit to the home screen of the console.

The fish then took matters into their own fins and swam around in their tank, controlling the console. Over the next seven hours, it managed to change the name of their owner's Switch account and logged in twice into the Nintendo store.

The intelligent fishies were somehow able to check terms and conditions, download a new avatar, and set up a PayPal account from the console — causing an email to be sent to the owner on the livestream.

The cheeky fish added JPY500 (RM16) to Mutekimaru's Switch account from his credit card

The livestream exposed the YouTuber's credit card information, on top of documenting the entire event.

Mutekimaru then stated that he had reached out to Nintendo for a refund and explained the situation. Nintendo has denied CNN's request for queries due to customer confidentiality.

Users on Twitter have left replies to Mutekimaru's tweet with amused reactions to the absurdity of the incident. 

One user took the opportunity to make this gill-tickling pun:

Watch the clip of the shopping spree here:

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