"I Thought I Had The Best Lights" – Two Neighbours Go Viral Over Hilarious Lampu Raya War

Netizens were amused by the neighbours' friendly rivalry.

Cover image via @oby.max_ (TikTok) & @iejamurad (TikTok)

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With Hari Raya around the corner, families everywhere are decking out their houses with colourful lights and decorations

Sometimes, these preparations can get a little competitive between neighbours.

Recently, numerous videos on social media have gone viral for showing how families flaunt their decorative lights at home and comparing their setups with their neighbours.

A couple of videos in particular have tickled Malaysians.

In one video posted by user @oby.max__ on TikTok, he showed the front of his house being decorated with lights

The video then panned to his neighbour's house, with brighter, disco-like lights that were seemingly better than his.

"Alhamdulillah, I thought only my house was the nicest with these lights, it turns out the person next door wants to compete. What lights are they using? It looks like a nightclub! I thought I already won, they also want to win too!" he was heard saying in the video.

Watch the full video here:

Shortly after, another video came up from the neighbour's side, showing off their Hari Raya light display

The neighbour's video, posted by another TikTok user, @iejamurad, showed the same disco lights and brighter display, before panning to what looked like user @oby.max__'s house.

"When you don't want to lose to your neighbours," the caption playfully wrote.

Watch the full video here:

@iejamurad Bila kau taknak kalah dengan jiran. Habis semua lampu dibawanya keluar #raya Raya Raya Raya - DOLLA

Malaysians were amused by the rivalry, pointing out that the two neighbours' videos popped up back to back on their 'For You' page on TikTok

One user commented on @oby.max__'s video and said, "I came from your neighbour's video. They really don't want to lose!"

Another asked @iejamurad if they were preparing the house for a concert.

"I prefer war with decorative lights than war with fireworks," one user commented on @iejamurad's video.

Another user commented on @oby.max__'s video, saying, "Both of them look nice. Good job. It's fun to see healthy competition like this. (We) don't need kuih raya to feel festive."

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