Family Accidentally Buys 70 Boxes Of Snacks In Excitement For Raya

They only wanted 70 packets.

Cover image via Twitter @snabehh

A family in Singapore accidentally ordered too many Hari Raya treats in their preparation for the festive season this year.

Way too many that it's hilarious.

Twitter user @snabehh shared her family's dilemma after realising her uncle made the mistake of ordering 70 boxes of snacks instead of the 70 packets that they needed.

Due to a miscommunication with the seller and no one bothering to check the invoice, the tens of boxes arrived at their house and they were forced to pay for the entirety of the giant order.

She showed how the boxes took up her whole living room.

But all was not lost, as @snabehh shared the mistake on Twitter and made a quick call for help from her followers

"Hi all! Please help my family to clear these sambal balado sticks and singkong balado (cassava chips) because my uncle accidentally ordered too much and Raya is next week," she tweeted last Saturday, 16 May.

She also added in later tweets that her family usually runs a business selling Raya kuih and their customers at the Raya bazaar in the past years have often looked for these snacks.

"Some of our customers were looking for the kerepeks and we wanted to get some for them and our family," she explained the already large order of 70 packets in the first place.

To clear the current excess stock, she decided to sell the sambal balado sticks for SGD7 (RM21) per packet, and one box, which contains four packets, for SGD25 (RM77).

Meanwhile, the singkong balado were priced at SGD7 (RM21) per packet, while one box, which contains five packets, was sold at SGD30 (RM92).

She also said that delivery would cost an additional SGD10 (RM31) as she was using external delivery services.

Netizens found her predicament amusing and offered their help to buy the delicious snacks off her hands

"What is Raya without singkong? Can I have a box, please? When I collect it, I'll laugh," a Twitter user said.

Meanwhile, this user laughed at the overloaded living room and suggested that her family just give the snacks instead of duit raya this year.

In less than two days, the happy Twitter user updated that she was overwhelmed by the support and offered her gratitude

At the time of writing, her tweet was retweeted over 3,400 times and had hundreds of others showing their interest in buying the excess.

"Hi you all, thank you so much for the support! You all are really the best. I wish I could reply to all of you!" she wrote while exclaiming disbelief that everyone loved eating kerepeks that much.

Read her original tweet here:

The pandemic really has all of us doing funny things:

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