Malaysians Take 'Online Weddings' To Another Level By Hosting An In-Game Virtual Reception

Weddings: MCO version.

Cover image via GTA 5 Malaysia/YouTube

More and more people are opting for online weddings in compliance with the Movement Control Order (MCO).

However, a few Malaysians decided to take things up a notch by recreating a wedding reception in a video game.

On Sunday, 17 May, Twitter user @Mrskvsk uploaded a video of the virtual reception along with the caption, "MCO version of weddings."

The tweet has since garnered over 462,200 views and 41,500 retweets.

The video game featured in the viral clip is actually Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V).

It supports custom modifications, thus enabling players to create a pretty spot-on depiction of a Malay-themed wedding reception.

The in-game wedding was originally streamed live on Facebook and uploaded on GTA 5 Malaysia's YouTube channel.

One of the players involved, Noor Azwan Mohd Noor, told Malay Mail that the wedding was held through a local server dedicated to implementing a Malaysian identity within GTA V.

He said, "MYRP was the first ever server to introduce a Malaysian touch in it and now there are also other servers implementing the same thing."

With over 26,300 subscribers, the GTA 5 Malaysia YouTube page also features other gameplay videos with a local twist.

You can watch players singing Hari Raya tunes on a bus heading back to their hometown for the holidays, or even follow the story of gamers shopping at vape stores and getting caught by the authorities.

Meanwhile, the beach-side wedding was complete with canopies, a buffet line, and an elaborate wedding dais.

Other players who were not part of the wedding party stood in as caterers, photographers, and even People's Volunteer Corps (RELA) officers.

The grand affair started with the arrival of the two different wedding parties. The men donned baju melayu and sampin while the women wore classic baju kurung and baju kebaya.

Keeping with traditions, the event was kicked off with a pantun exchanging session between the bride and groom's side. You can hear several different voices at the same time, it's truly as lively as any wedding in real life.

One clip even shows a cheeky photographer asking the person blocking his view to move aside.

Watch the full video here:

Malaysians have been keeping themselves busy with super fun stuff amidst the MCO:

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