You Will Confirm Meet These 13 People When You Go To University

Pro tip: stay far, far away from the procrastinator when it's time for group assignments.

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1. The procrastinator that will keep saying "later lah" until you end up doing everything yourself

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Don't ever do group projects with them.

2. The mysterious hantu that you've legit never seen until graduation day

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You'll be like "we same course meh?" when they suddenly muncul at the convo.

3. The know-it-all who loves to ask questions right before class ends and ends up making everyone stay back longer

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They'll always sit in the optimal spot to get the lecturer's attention.

4. The high achiever whose assignments are always done two weeks in advance

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They may not be very vocal during class but they'll probably cry if they don't get the highest marks possible.

5. The kaki tidur that's always fast asleep no matter what

Time doesn't matter to this one. Whether it's a 9am or 3pm lecture, they'll still be fast asleep in their seat.

6. The rich kid you can spot from a mile away

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They'll be all dressed up in branded stuff and will roll up to campus in expensive cars.

7. The one who lives in the library

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Seeing them outside of the library is a super rare occurrence that probably only happens once a semester. But even then, they'll probably be carrying a mountain of books.

8. The super active one who does way too many extra activities

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Dance club, debate society, football team, they're in it all and yet somehow manage to make sure all their assignments are done on time too. These guys are the true pros man.

9. The hot one that everyone's obsessed with

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There's always one in every uni. Rumours about how good looking they are will spread from day 1 and you'll be praying that you're lucky enough to be in the same class as them. If not, you'll cherish every random glimpse you get of them on campus.

10. The economical one that knows where to get the best deals and bargains on campus

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From where to get free food to all the places you can use your student discount, they'll have all the info.

11. The pinjam-er who practically doesn't own anything

Pen la, your notes la, money la, everything also wanna borrow. But you should draw the line when they ask to pinjam your assignment "for reference je" k?

12. The one that always ask you to sign attendance for them

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They dowan to come to class, but dowan to mess up their attendance record either. So it all comes down to you to put a cincai scribble that hopefully passes as their signature next to their name on the attendance sheet.

13. The technologically advanced that's always glued to their laptop during every single lecture

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From the front, it looks like they're being super studious but you'll know the reality if you're sitting behind them. They're usually watching YouTube or Netflix on mute with the subtitles on.

No matter what kind of people you meet throughout your time in uni, they're all part of what makes uni life so memorable

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