[QUIZ] Make Your Own K-Drama And We'll Tell You Which Oppa Is Your Soulmate

Time to make those fantasies come true ;)

Are you the kind of person who binge-watches K-dramas then has intense withdrawals when a series is over?

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If you're looking for a way to watch K-entertainment whenever you want, the On Demand service on Astro has got you covered! Catch up on the hottest drama that everyone's been talking about, or re-watch one of your classic favourites, all in one place.

Wanna find out more about On Demand? Scroll down for more deets after the quiz!

And let's admit it guys, all us K-drama kakis have definitely dreamed of meeting our favourite oppas irl *heart eyes*

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Whether they're making us swoon at their romantic side, cringe at their cheesiness, or laugh when they're being totally goofy, we've all wished that we could actually date the Korean actors who seem to know just how to get our hearts racing.

Ever wondered which oppa is your soulmate? Take the quiz below to find out by making your own K-drama! ;)

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Sadly, we can only continue to dream being with oppa for real. But at least you can watch him on TV whenever you want on Astro with On Demand

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All you have to do is connect your Astro RVR to your home Wi-Fi and access On Demand to watch all of the latest Korean dramas and variety shows!

Here are all the Korean dramas available via On Demand:
- Wok of Love
- Handsome Guy and Jung Eum
- You Drive Me Crazy
- Come and Hug Me
- Partners for Justice
- Rich Man
- Love in the Moonlight
- The King's Face
- Evergreen
- Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

And these are all the variety shows they offer:
- Law of the Jungle in Antartica
- Little Cabin in the Woods
- Dangerous Beyond The Blankets
- I Live Alone
- Running Man

Want to activate your On Demand now? Here's how:

Step 1: On your Astro home remote, press HOME > Settings > Network > Wi-Fi
Step 2: Key in your Wi-Fi pasword
Step 3: Press HOME > On Demand and start watching

And if you don't have an Astro PVR yet, you can click here to get one at a special rate!

Terms and conditions apply.

So which oppa did you get? Share your results with your fellow fans in the comments section below!

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