UNO Confirms Games Can End With An Action Card

"Now we can finally put an end to our friendship."

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In case you've missed it, UNO confirmed that you can actually end your game with an Action Card

Mashable Southeast Asia reported that the confirmation was made in reply to a player's question on Twitter.

The official UNO account also verified the fact to various users asking the same question.

Bear in mind that the "no ending with Action Cards" rule is not listed anywhere on the official UNO game manual.

To jog your memory, Action Cards are the ones with symbols on them and are played to be the bane of your opponent

Among the Action Cards are:
- Draw Two card,
- Reverse card,
- Skip card,
- Wild card, and
- Wild Draw Four card.

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In newer UNO games, the "Wild Swap Hands" card and "Wild Customisable" card also exist.

For as long as UNO has existed, players have been following the "ghost rule" that you cannot end the game with an Action Card. If you do, you are "required" to draw two extra cards.

Malaysians promptly lost their sh*t over the revelation, with many despairing over the games they could have won:

While others were quick to bring up old rivalries and demanded for a rematch:

Image via Facebook
Image via Facebook

However, the rules aren't going to change in some households:

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Image via Facebook

The more U-NO!

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