Valak The Nun, Chinese Vampire & More Get Vaccinated. What's Stopping You?

Let's be real, vaccine centres are just one big costume party.

Cover image via @anthraxxx781 (Twitter)

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Just when you thought you've seen it all, Malaysians have pulled out more interesting outfits for their vaccination appointments

Valak the Nun was spotted gliding through, while obediently following standard operating procedures...

Injections? An audience? Nothing deterred this jiangshi (Chinese vampire) from staying in character.

He was seen hopping around, arms in the air at each station, amusing frontliners who pulled out their phones to capture the moment.

Talk about commitment.

Even needles couldn't scare this pontianak, who came with red eyes, 'blood' splattered all over, and a matching mask

Hair also on point.


nah hantu pun vaksin! kamu yg antivacc tu lebih teruk dari hantu crdit to owner video sumber : whatsappgroup

original sound - Gurangak2.0 - Gurangak2.0

Such beauty, such grace, as this woman in a pretty hanfu swept through the space

V for Vendetta and... V for vaccinated? This guy went with a Vendetta mask, leaving some of the volunteers giggling.

Okay, Malaysians. Y'all quite entertaining also ah. :P

Jokes aside, please get vaccinated, guys!

Look at these other costumes Malaysians whipped out previously:

Vaccine waits for no man. Not too long ago, this mother went viral for stopping her hair dyeing session midway just to make it for her appointment:

If you've been fully vaccinated, congratulations! Take note of what to do next:

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