[VIDEO] A Man In Kuantan Accidentally Smashes Bowling Ball Through The Mall Ceiling

And I thought I was bad at bowling.

Cover image via Twitter @hazrilazharudin

A video of a man accidentally smashing a bowling ball through the ceiling of a local mall has recently gone viral

On 5 January, @hazrilazharudin shared a video on Twitter with the caption, "This happened in Kuantan. Bowling strike to the moon."

The video, filmed at Megalanes Bowling in Berjaya Megamall Kuantan, has since garnered 173,700 views and 15,300 retweets.

In the video, the man is seen getting ready to hurl the ball at the bowling pins.

But as he prepares to let the ball go, he ends up releasing it into the roof of the alley.

After that, he slips and falls on his back, right under the hole in the ceiling

Thankfully, the ball got stuck and did not drop on him.

Netizens have since responded to the tweet with videos of their own bowling mishaps

A few people uploaded videos of them dropping the ball behind their backs before they could throw it into the lanes.

Meanwhile, another netizen shared a video of him trying to "teach" people how to strike but he slips and falls instead.

Watch the full video here:

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