[VIDEO] Netizens Poke Fun At 2 Men Acting Like They've Caught A Ghost Inside A Bottle

There is a disclaimer stating that only those with the ability to see the supernatural can see the langsuir in the video.

Cover image via @mynewshub (Twitter)

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A video of two 'ghostbusters' recently went viral on Twitter for claiming they successfully trapped a langsuir in a plastic bottle

In the 22-second clip, two men wearing songkoks can be seen standing in an empty room facing a wall.

They appear to be pinning an invisible entity against the wall, before trying to push it into an empty bottle.

According to Kosmo!, a langsuir is a type of a blood-sucking demon that lures men to isolated locations before draining their blood. The mythology states that they take the form of beautiful women.

The caption in the video states that the two men are capturing a long-haired langsuir.

Below, there is a disclaimer stating that only those with the ability to see the supernatural can see the langsuir in the video.

At the time of writing, the video has garnered more than a million views on Twitter.

The video sparked a discussion among netizens, with some poking fun at the two men

One Twitter user called the two men "religious charlatans".

"It's strange how people believe in the existence of a langsuir but can't fathom that people can travel to the moon," commented a surprised user.

Another user wondered if the video was fake because the way the men captured the langsuir was too easy, comparing it to trying to put a wild cat in a cage.

Meanwhile, some netizens took the opportunity to share their own spooky encounters

A user commented that they used to be a skeptic but had change of heart after watching their housemate get possessed. 

"Seven of us got thrashed by my possessed housemate, and we saw them removing the spirit from my housemate's body. It might look funny, like Ultraman catching a monster. But the supernatural exists. Nevertheless, there are also many frauds out there,"  tweeted the user.

Another user claimed they once had to hold a bottle with a captured spirit inside, and when they were burying the bottle, the user saw the spirit standing next to hole.

Another Twitter user commented that they once felt a plastic bottle become warm after an ustaz trapped a jinn inside it.

Watch the full video here:

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