"There Was A Sweet Fragrance" – E-hailing Driver Shares Spooky Encounter With Passenger

"I thought maybe she had fallen asleep, so I turned to check on her and was shocked to discover the seat empty," said the driver.

Cover image via Malaysia Most Viral (Twitter)

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An e-hailing driver allegedly encountered the supernatural while transporting a mysterious woman to a cemetery in Kuching, Sarawak

According to Harian Metro, the driver, Ahsan Ismail, shared the spine-chilling story on his Facebook account.

He recounted receiving a booking to pick-up a passenger from the Samarahan Heart Centre roundabout and drop them off at the Pending Muslim cemetery, close to midnight on Tuesday, 2 May. 

Initially, the 37-year-old thought that the cemetery was just a landmark.

"When I arrived at the pick-up location, I saw a woman dressed in a dark-coloured baju kurung and tudung waiting there," said the father of three.

He added that the area was dark, and he avoided looking at her face to make her feel comfortable.

Throughout the journey, Ahsan didn't engage in conversation with the woman who was sitting in the back seat

He mentioned that there was a strong sweet fragrance coming from the woman but he thought nothing of it, as he was used to his passengers wearing perfume.

"I heard her soft voice asking me to lower the window near her seat," Ahsan told Harian Metro.

When he reached the drop-off location, he told the woman that they had arrived, but there was no response from her.

"I thought maybe she had fallen asleep, so I turned to check on her and was shocked to discover the seat empty," said Ahsan. 

However, he found a few five sen coins and some old RM1 and RM2 notes, accumulating to the fare of RM13.

However, the Facebook post detailing the driver's experience has since been deleted

Ahsan took to his Facebook yesterday, 4 May, to apologise if his story had offended anyone.

The driver told Harian Metro that some netizens have assumed he had made it up.

Despite the non-believers, he clarified that his intention for posting the story was to share with his friends what he went through that night.

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