Realtor Confirms 'Haunted' Bukit Gasing SG House Sold To Mystery Buyer For RM4.4 Million

The High Court records confirmed that the house was sold at its starting price of RM4.4 million.

Cover image via Prop Social/JUICE & Selangor Auction Property (Facebook)

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When word spread in November that the infamous, allegedly haunted SG House in Bukit Gasing, Petaling Jaya, was being auctioned off, the Internet erupted

Previously, SAYS reported that the house was eagerly awaiting its new owners, with its starting bid set at RM4.4 million.

Following the announcement, a local filmmaker, Siva Kumar, uploaded an eerie video showing the building's interior to his social media accounts.

The video quickly went viral online, and the property became a hot topic as people waited to find out who would actually buy the property.

The bidding took place yesterday, 13 December, and commercial property agency Selangor Auction Property confirmed with SAYS that the house had finally found a new owner

According to the property agency, the High Court records confirmed that the house was sold at its starting price of RM4.4 million.

"We don't know exactly who the bidder was, but one thing is for sure: it was sold for RM4.4 million," they said.

They went on to say that this was not the first time the house had been listed for sale. In fact, the property was auctioned off in June of last year, but it failed to find a new owner.

"But prior to 2021, the house was actually already listed for auction," they added.

Malaysians were overjoyed to learn that the house now has a new owner and left their comments on Selangor Auction Property's Facebook post

One user quipped that the new owner will hear screams at night.

Another wondered if the new owner bought the house for its alleged paranormal activities.

"Value buy!" commented another.

Another user said that the new owner has the mindset of a rich person.

"People dump, you buy," they said.

In case you missed it, here's why the SG house is allegedly haunted:

From a pentagram drawn on the wall to a filthy mattress and pieces of broken furniture, take a look at what's actually inside the haunted SG house:

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