11 'Cerita Hantu' From Malaysian 'Sekolah Asrama' Because Every School Confirm Got One

Hantu wanna study too?

Cover image via mStar & Alex Iby (Unsplash)

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Note: Cover image used for illustration purposes only. Names have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals.

1. "My brother's asrama manifested an inside joke to life... jeng jeng jenggg"

Image used for illustration purposes only.

Image via Krzysztof Maksimiuk (Unsplash)

"They had a joke about a 'Karim'. They used that name to get out of trouble and all, so when the teacher asks like 'oh, who drew on the whiteboard, who tore the books' or whatever, the whole batch was in on it and would say 'Karim'. Padahal, there isn't a boy named Karim in the school.

"The joke caught on and everyone in the school started joking about Karim. They tried to illustrate him and drew this really weird creepy doodle.

"One day they had to do a roll call and clear out academic blocks. A prefect went upstairs to make sure the classes were empty but saw one student left. The student turned around and had the same creepy face as the doodle. They manifested Karim to life!"

- Alia

2. "Around like 3am, I woke up to the sound of my roommate panicking because we heard muffled screaming"

Image used for illustration purposes only.

Image via Alex Iby (Unsplash)

"When we went out, a lot of the other girls from my block were also out from their rooms, 'cause super loud screaming was coming from the opposite block. No one was allowed to go near that room, 'cause the lecturers were getting an ustaz to come and check her out.

"She was screaming her lungs out for a good hour straight! Like super loud and non-stop. After that hour, her screaming got a bit growl-like? Dunno how to describe but macam aggressive a bit, then it went silent.

"Next thing we saw was a bunch of dudes carrying her out on a stretcher. All of us couldn't sleep that night wei, so scaryyy!"

- Maria

3. "Late one night, I was studying alone in the mosque with only one light on. As I was studying, I heard footsteps behind me."

Image used for illustration purposes only.

Image via (Freepik)

"Not thinking of anything at the moment, I turned around and looked. There was a junior praying in the middle of the mosque, in the dark. This was pretty normal, so I minded my own business and kept studying.

"Then, I heard something unnatural — the sound of shuffling on the carpet (imagine rubbing your feet very fast on the carpet) coming towards me. I turned around and I saw the junior crawling (while prostrating) really fast, coming closer and closer. He stopped right next to me and said, 'Bang, bang, ade benda bang'.

"He told me that while he was praying, he felt a tap on his shoulder. He was scared, but when he got to sujud, he lifted his legs to see who was behind him. There was no one.

"We both terus packed up and ran back to the dorms together."

- Fahmi

4. "One time, I went to take a shower at around 2am, and heard the next shower stall turn on"

Image used for illustration purposes only.

Image via RehnWriter

"I just assumed someone else was taking a late night shower too, but when I went out, the stall was dry and no one was there! After that incident, I never showered that late again, and would always get someone to teman me when I mandi."

- Cindy

5. "In asrama, we were told that got nenek kebayan in some specific rooms"

Image used for illustration purposes only.

Image via mStar

"Kononnya, at night, that nenek kebayan will sit on the cupboard sambil count, 'katil no 1 dah tidur, katil 2 dah, katil 3 belum lagi' like that.

"We thought they just wanted to takut-takutkan us je so that we sleep early, but some of the girls in my block actually heard a voice counting at night, eeeee! Nasib baik my room nothing."

- Khaira

6. "After our debate team practice ended late, my teammates and I were walking back to our dorm when one of us saw something"

Image used for illustration purposes only.

Image via

"We all stopped in our tracks and looked in the direction he was looking at, but I didn't see anything. Before I could even say 'What?', everyone started running away. I followed suit, and we all sprinted as fast as we could back to our block.

"When we sampai, I asked why we were running, and they told me that they saw a kakak cantik (a.k.a pontianak) sitting on the dining hall's roof!

"That night, eight terrified kids slept in the recreation room, instead of our rooms, out of fear."

- Silva

7. "I was very close to my roommate, Hilmi, and we had a deal that we'd never go to the toilet alone 'cause we stayed at the end of the dorm"

Image used for illustration purposes only.

Image via Pinterest

"One night, I woke up and saw Hilmi sitting on my bed. So, as per routine, I accompanied him to the toilet. He went in and I stayed outside, resting against the wall. He must've taken his time because I dozed off whilst waiting for him.

"When I snapped out of my nap, I called out to him, but there was no reply. I checked the toilet but it was empty. Annoyed, I limped back to my dorm, only to find Hilmi asleep on his bed. My blood boiled, but I thought it's better to deal with it in the morning.

"But when I confronted him the next day about leaving me alone at the toilet, he was super confused. And then, he dropped the bomb — 'We all slept in the mosque for midnight prayers. The dorm was empty. You were alone last night.'


- Fauzan

8. "During my house captain's birthday, my best friends whistled in the house, and my house captain jokingly said that there will be ghosts in the house tonight"

Image used for illustration purposes only.

Image via MontyLov (Unsplash)

"After prep time, my best friend, dormmate, and I went to the Matron's house to collect her surprise birthday cake. When we went in, we saw a large shadow move by the window and it profusely banged on the door for a while.

"Terrified, we ran back inside and in hopes of convincing ourselves that it was not a ghost. We waited in the lobby and watched the doors to see if anyone opened it to walk back in, but no one did T__T

"To this day, we still don't know who it was."

- Ashley

9. "After SPM, one of my seniors, Hairol, decided to work as a security guard as our school. We would give him a heads up when we wanted to sneak out of school, and he would let us out."

Image used for illustration purposes only.

Image via BookMyGarage

"One night, we went out to go watch a movie. We decided to take a prebet sapu (before Grab was cool, there was prebet sapu, they are just random retirees that we can contact to fetch us and drop us somewhere).

"Pak Johan came and picked us up after the movie. He worked at a nearby cemetery by day, so when we entered his car and it smelled like wet mud, we didn't bat an eye. Within five minutes, we reached our school's guard post.

"Pak Johan spoke to Hairol as we were leaving the car. He turned around, and said, 'Not yet, let's go to the Clock Tower'. We were confused, but we assumed that perhaps Hairol told him that the warden was making his patrol rounds. After 30 minutes, he sent us back and Hairol let us in.

"It wasn't until much later that Hairol told us this: 'When you reached here last time, got a girl sitting at the back, you know. I thought she was your friend. But when I told Pak Johan, he went pale. When he left, the girl flew out of the car. That's why I asked you to leave first and come back later.' "

- Amirul

10. "I was on a midnight stroll around the campus with a group of my friends. Two of them decided to go up to the third floor physics lab to get a nice view of the campus. When they got there, they saw a girl dressed in white standing at the front door of the lab."

Image used for illustration purposes only.

Image via Kelly Jean Horror Photography

"They immediately ran out of there. When they got down to the ground floor, one of them felt a sharp pain at his back. There were scratches all over his back, and the other one fell sick and went back home."

- Anita

11. "Every Thursday night after maghrib prayers, we would recite Surah Yasin. One day, a kid started crying very loudly mid-recitation."

Image used for illustration purposes only.

Image via mStar

"My friend and I escorted him out of the mosque and calmed him down. He told us that he was scared, so the seniors decided to go to his dorm to recite Surah Yasin there.

"Again, he cried mid-recitation. It was so loud that I decided to send one of my friends to console him. While leading the session, I saw my friend conversing with the kid, and weirdly, he sat still with his eyes down after the kid responded. After it all ended, my friend grabbed me by the arm, and pulled me out of the block. He refused to say anything till we reached our dorm.

"According to him, the kid said that the thing from the surau had been in the room with us too. And the scariest part was that the thing was actually sitting on the bed, reciting Surah Yasin along with us too!"

- Zahidi

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