[VIDEO] Motorcyclist Shows Off His Dance Moves While Waiting For The Traffic Light

Well, that's one way to kill time.

Cover image via PenMerah

An Indonesian motorcyclist has found the perfect way to kill time while waiting for the traffic light to turn green - performing the poco-poco line dance

Image via PenMerah

The hilarious scene is believed to have taken place in Indonesia based on the vehicles' number plates.

The video has gone viral on Facebook. At the time of writing, it has gotten over 1.4 million views and shared over 14,600 times.

The motorcyclist managed to complete two sets of the poco-poco dance before riding off when the traffic light turned to green

Image via PenMerah

The 54-second long video showed the man clad in a blue jacket stopped his bike in front of his friend's car at the traffic light junction and immediately began to dance.

After completing two sets of the dance, he returned to his motorbike, used the turn signal, and rode off like nothing happened.

However, the best parts of the post are actually in the comments section where Malaysians shared sarcastic stories of what they would do while waiting for the green light

Image via PenMerah

The post reads, "In Malacca it's appropriate to do this. Red light lasts forever. The traffic light turns from green to red before I could even change my gears."

Image via PenMerah

"The traffic lights in Malacca city centre are even longer. You can dig a hole and plant a tree while waiting for it."

Image via PenMerah

"If this happened at Shah Alam's 199 seconds traffic light, might as well perform a flashmob instead."

Netizens also praised the man for using his turn signal the moment he sat back down on his motorbike

Image via PenMerah

"Poco-poco or not, at least he used his signal when he made the turn."

Image via PenMerah

"Although he has not even seated properly yet, the first thing he did was to use the turn signal. Bro, you're the best."

You can watch the full video here:

If you're ever stuck at a long traffic light, do this:

Image via PenMerah

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