Someone Used Mentos And Toothpaste To Lure Several Catfish Out Of A Hole

Catfish catfished.

Cover image via Joy Mai/Facebook

Someone has found a sleek way to lure catfish out of a hole – by using Mentos and toothpaste

The person is seen tossing several Mentos sweets into a muddy hole filled with water

He then opens a tube of toothpaste and squirts a generous amount in before mixing it all together

A few seconds pass before the first catfish swims out of the hole making it an easy catch.

The man grabs the fish with his bare hands and puts it into a bucket.

It's not long before other catfish begin to make a slippery exit as well.

The video, which was posted on Facebook page We Are Malaysians on 22 October, has received over 757 shares since.

How did this fishing technique work? Several people shared potential reasons:

One Reddit user claimed that catfish swim by scent and are irritated by menthol. So that may have caused them to swim out.

Image via Reddit

In another video where someone used Coke to catch the fish, one person said that this can happen if you eliminate oxygen from the water.

Another commented that using salt is a cheaper alternative that can have the same effect

Other videos have shown cases where people used Coke and Mentos or soap powder to lure catfish out of deep holes.

Watch the full video below:

Joy Mai

Colgate + Mentos

Posted by We are Malaysians on Tuesday, October 22, 2019

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We haven't tried the fishing technique, but we did conduct this experiment to see if it was true:

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