These Malaysians Went To The Supermarket And Came Up With Really Hilarious Puns

So pun-dai lah these guys.

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Everyone loves a good pun. From LRT stations to the cabinet reshuffle, Malaysians have also jumped on the pun bandwagon.

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In a bid to up the IKEA pun video that went viral sometime last year, Malaysians took to the aisles of a supermarket to hunt for puns and boy, they didn't disappoint!

We stumbled upon two pun-tastic videos on Facebook and selected some of the best ones from them. One is by MGAG while the other is by Brandon Ho, one of the contestants in this year's The Amazing Race Asia.

Let's start off with this one...

Image via MGAG

"Eh dude, I think we need another basket ah."


"Because we don't have MUSHROOM left."

Not too bad, right? How about something about a very popular condiment?

Image via MGAG

"Long time didn't see you already boss!"

"I guess it's time for us to... KETCHUP."

Wow, that was harsh...

Image via Brandon Ho

"Can you please stop making these puns?!"

"Just deal with it or BISCOFF!"

Poor Brandon, his feelings were definitely hurt :(

Image via Brandon Ho

"Eh baby, do you think I'm a funny person?"

"No, you ARNOTT!"

But it's alright, he managed to redeem himself with some chocolates! Well played, well played.

Image via Brandon Ho

"Hey, is your name Rocher?"

"Because I promise to love you FERRERO, ROCHER!"

Manners maketh man! Always live by those wise words, guys.

Image via MGAG

"Eh dude, you're so lansi (proud) now. Just now when you saw me, you didn't even SALAMI."

This is why you should always have a checklist for grocery shopping!

Image via MGAG

"Hey, I think we should get these toilets rolls."


"Because I think they will come in HANDEE."

Let's not give up on these guys just yet. They did their best!

Image via MGAG

"Eh dude, your pun game is so weak!"

"I didn't know you would sink SOLO!"

Well done, guys. Wish you all had time for more!

Image via MGAG

"Eh, we gotta go! Wo men MAYO shi jian liao!" (Translation: We're running out of time. "Mayo" here is a wordplay on "mei you" which means "running out" in Chinese)

Image via MGAG

"No THYME already!"

Check out the videos below and try not to laugh too much:

Annoying the Girlfriend with Supermarket Puns! :P

When we go out and do our grocery shopping. Pretty thankful she's still willing to be with me :D #punnybrandon

Instagram, Twitter & Snapchat: @itsbrandonho

Posted by Brandon Ho on Monday, October 24, 2016

Hahahaha these Malaysian style supermarket puns are super funny!

Credits to Dylan Lim

Posted by MGAG on Thursday, November 3, 2016

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