What The Internet Did With The Birth And Death Of Flappy Bird

Flappy Bird was part of the lives of over 50 million users, was it part of yours? Can you relate to these global #FlappyBirdPains?

Flappy Bird is a 2013 mobile game developed in Hanoi by Vietnam-based developer Dong Nguyen

"I made the game alone so there is no team, and my games are very simple so there is no need for much manpower resources. I like to reuse my artwork from game to game. The bird in Flappy Bird, I actually drew in 2012 to use in a platformer game but the project was cancelled," Dong Nguyen


Flappy Bird

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Flappy Bird's creator said he didn't use any promotion methods that contributed to the success of the game (over 50 million downloads)

"I didn’t use any promotion methods. All accounts on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram about Flappy Bird are not mine. The popularity could be my luck," Dong Nguyen.


Dong Nguyen, creator of Flappy Bird

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The free smartphone game for iOS and Android took the mobile market by storm, reportedly earning $50,000 in ad revenue each day. Flappy Bird had been download upwards of 50 million times and earned 47,000 reviews on the App Store.


Today, we take a walk down memory lane and look at how the late Flappy Bird affected the lives of many...

1. Someone expressed how Flappy Bird was "harder than openin a jar wit lotion on ya hands"

Post by @click_clack_bow_

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2. Back in the day (like yesterday), Instagrammers succumbed to searching up #FlappyBird so they could secretly curse at others who had higher scores

#FlappyBird on Instagram

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3. Flappy Bird is now described as "a bird who hits pipes on the f*king head and falls straight to the motherf*king floor" on Urban Dictionary

Urban Dictionary definition of Flappy Bird

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4. YouTube user Senor Pacman showed the world the ultimate way to BEAT Flappy Bird

Youtube user Senor Pacman's video of 'How to Beat FLAPPY BIRD'

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5. Many felt the dawn of the 'Flapocalypse'


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6. Flappy Bird players felt like they could relate to this photo:

Flappy Bird Rehabilitation Center

Image via Flappy Bird Facebook

7. Someone got so mad at Flappy Bird they created a revenge game - meet Squishy Bird

Squishy Bird

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"Do you HATE that freakin' bird? Do you have nightmares about that stupid bird's face every night? Get revenge NOW by squishing him in Squishy Bird."


8. When Flappy Bird creator Don Nguyen announced the end of his viral mobile game, some thought he committed suicide thanks to a hoax

Flappy Bird creator death hoax

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The article comes from the humorous website huzlers.com. The same website was responsible for another “Flappy Bird” rumor that went viral last week with a story that a teen killed his brother over the game.


10. The death of Flappy Bird was mourned for on Tumblr

RIP Flappy Bird

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11. This Facebook page called 'We want Flappy Bird back' is trying to get 100,000 'Likes' so they can get Dong Nguyen to revive the game

"Like and share this page if you want Flappy Bird to be back with awesome update and features! Can this page reach at least 1,000 likes within 24 hours? Please help us spread the support. We'll notify the Dong Nguyen once our number would reach 100,000."


'We want Flappy Bird back' Facebook page

Image via 'We want Flappy Bird back' Facebook page

12. More of what people did with Flappy Bird

Surprise madafaka Flappy Bird

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Flappy Bird meme

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Flappy Bird meme

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Flappy Bird meme

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Flappy Bird tatt?

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