Viral Video Shows 1 Of Hong Kong Harbour's 2 Giant Rubber Ducks Deflating Over The Weekend

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Cover image via CGTN & Tyrone Siu/Reuters

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One of two giant rubber ducks that were anchored in Hong Kong's Victoria Harbour sadly came to an untimely end over the weekend

The 'Double Ducks', an art installation designed by Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman, were unveiled on Friday, 9 June, attracting hundreds of citizens and tourists outdoors.

Hofman said the pair of 59-foot ducks represent "twice the fun, double the happiness" and are aimed at bringing new excitement to the city, reported Reuters.

The artist had also put up a single smaller yellow duck in the city's harbour back in 2013, and was elated to introduce a pair this year.

Image via CGTN

Unfortunately, after only a day out in the sun, one of the beloved, giant yellow ducks deflated in front of its many fans

A video of one of the twin ducks deflating around 1.30pm went viral on Saturday, 10 June.

Many were dismayed to see the adorable figure collapsing into itself while its friend cheerily loomed on.

"It's a pity. I originally thought I could see two rubber ducks," said a 72-year-old who went to the harbour docked in a duck-themed outfit.

"We hoped to see two ducks, but it's also cute that one deflated. Maybe because it's too hot in Hong Kong," said another 28-year-old tourist.

Image via The Standard

It was later reported that the organisers had decided to deflate one of the ducks due to safety concerns

According to South China Morning Post, a routine inspection found that a part of the duck's surface had stretched due to the hot weather.

The deflated duck was sent to a shipyard for repair, and as of writing, it has completed reliability tests and will be reinflated soon.

Meanwhile, its friend showed no signs of any abnormalities and remains on display, all alone, as scheduled.

Image via 林靄怡/HK01

Watch the viral video of the duck deflating here:

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