Viral Video Shows Woman's Laundry 'Smoking' In The Sun Because It's Been So Hot Lately

"Look at that, it's so hot that the clothes' souls are leaving their bodies," said a TikTok user.

Cover image via @super_ibu (TikTok)

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A Malaysian woman's 'smoking' laundry has gotten over three million views on TikTok, with netizens commiserating over how hot the weather has been

TikTok user @super_ibu said it was also her first time seeing her clothes suddenly emit 'smoke' like that.

"It was only 8.40am," she wrote, expressing her shock upon seeing steam physically waft out of her freshly-hung laundry in front of her eyes.

The woman from Pasir Puteh, Kelantan added that it was about 34°C to 35°C that day.

Netizens speculated that the water vapour can be seen rising so clearly was due to rapid evaporation caused by the high temperature

According to the New Straits Times, the high temperatures in Kelantan last week also spurred state health director Datuk Dr Zaini Hussin to warn residents of heatstroke, and urged people to limit their outdoor activities.

Nonetheless, most netizens were amused by the situation and joked about the sweltering hot weather

"Look at that, it's so hot that the clothes' souls are leaving their bodies," commented a TikTok user.

Image via TikTok

Many said her clothes were going to turn out crispy.

"Later they'll go 'kriuk kriuk' when you try to fold them," laughed a netizen.

Image via TikTok

Meanwhile, another netizen lamented, "Sitting in front of a fan feels like sitting in front of a furnace."

Image via TikTok

The hot and dry spell in Malaysia is expected to end by the middle of April:

Last year, a woman successfully fried an egg under the sun during a heatwave:

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