Watch This Guy Stop A Street Fight Using A Pizza (Yep, A Pizza!)

"Make pizza not war."

Cover image via Tio Jin via Twitter

What do you do when you see a street fight?

You either join the people watching it (while munching on imaginary popcorns, of course!) or, if you're one of those who can't stand such childish display of one's false masculinity, you try to intervene and break the street fight.

But what if you could be someone so different that the world is in dire need of?

Who could that be, you ask?

This guy:

The above footage, captured via CCTV, shows two men fighting on a footpath right outside a restaurant when a guy with a pizza in his hand comes and stops the fight.

He is shown breaking the duo apart with the help of the pizza in his hand as he offers them each a slice, which they happily accept. After all, who can turn down a pizza?

We are not sure where exactly the incident took place, or when it happened. But, hey, that shouldn't stop us from appreciating such a heroic deed of the 'Pizzaman'.

Pizza, it can end more than just your hunger...

Image via Giphy

Speaking of pizza, have you heard this news?

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