OMG! Pizza Hut Is Now Offering Durian-Flavoured Pizzas But There's A Catch...

Better than mozzarella!

Cover image via Pizza Hut

It's really happening!

Pizza Hut is offering durian-topped pizzas but unfortunately for us...

Pizza Hut’s new durian pizza

Image via WSJ

...they are only available in China at the moment.

Pizza Hut tested out the concoction in the southern province of Guangdong before rolling it out in several Chinese cities this year. And it reportedly has "created a lot of buzz" with Chinese consumers and been a hit in the south.

Prices range between 59 yuan (RM37) for a half-durian, half-Hawaiian pizza and 97 yuan (RM61) for a stuffed-crust durian pizza.

The durian's smooth, succulent flesh is adored by many in Asia. What's more, when placed on a pizza pie, the fruit's overpowering flavor becomes less so, to some people's dismay, thanks to its submersion in cheese and dough.

Pizza Hut had teased fans with the concept last year when Pizza Hut Malaysia posted a durian pizza-themed Facebook status to gather feedback but the idea did not materialise

However, the durian pizza concept is not entirely new, as a few cafés and bakeries had tried out this combination before Pizza Hut did

Blue and Brown's durian pizza.

Image via Shanghaiist

According to Wall Street Journal, a café in Shanghai seems to have been the first to try its hand at the combination back in 2013. The café, named Blue and Brown, made cheesy breadsticks with custard-like durian slopped on top rather than an actual pizza. It was reportedly a hit, selling 70 or so a day.

Meanwhile, a small bakery in Singapore was selling durian pizzas too, in addition to the usual offerings of normal bakeries.

Closer to home, durian pizzas can also be found in 900 Inn, a cafe in Bintulu, Sarawak.

Whatever it is, we certainly hope we'll get to try a durian-topped pizza soon!

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Bad news for durian lovers as the bauxite mining in Kuantan, Pahang is affecting the output of the crop:

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