21 Thoughts Malaysians Have When They Go To Melbourne For The First Time

Nope, none of them are about brunch!

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1. "The sky so blueeee."

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Blueeeeee da ba dee da ba da...'cause got no clouds.

2. "It's so panas but I'm not sweating... what sorcery is this?!"

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You'll burn instead though, don't play play with the Melbourne heat k.

3. "The sun is shining so brightly but WHY IS IT STILL SO FREAKING COLD?!"

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Because Melbourne that's why.

4. "OMG SRSLY why the weather so siao one?"

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Can literally go from a nice sunny day to an all-out hailstorm in the span of 5 minutes.

5. "Y'all really drink damn a lot of coffee right..."

Because you’re in the city that has the World’s Best Coffee!

6. "So. Many. Asians."

Especially Malaysians. Don't be surprised if you bump into someone you know lol.

7. "Pedestrians everywhere. Doesn't anyone drive?"

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8. "Wah all the lorongs also so happening. Our lorongs got nothing."

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From cool graffiti art to hidden bars and cafés, you never know what you're gonna find!


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10. "The pigeons so big and fat!"

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And so garang also eeep!

11. "OMG GOT SEAGULLS IN THE CITY!" #neverseebefore

Even scarier than the pigeons AAAAHHHH!


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13. "OMG the road names are too cool!"

14. "The heck is an Asian Grocer?"

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15. "Errr... why is everyone queuing up for PappaRich?"

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Mindblown 'cause back home there's never a queue! *snaps pic*

16. "Wahlao, everyone so semangat to exercise..."

17. "... even in the rain?!"

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Rain? Naw warries mate! ;)

18. "What on earth does 'how ya going?' mean?"

Are they asking how I am or where I'm going? @.@

19. "Ooooh people actually drive according to the speed limit..."

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But come on guys, 40km/h is damn slow lah!

20. "... and even wait to cross the road." :O

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No one uses the power of 'the hand'.

21. "Wow everything is so clean! Especially the toilets!"

No random trash tepi jalan or polluted rivers/beaches. And the best part is no need to be scared to go to a public toilet yaaass.

Have you been to Melbourne? What thoughts popped into your head the first time you were there? Let us know in the comments section below. :)

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