Watch How Her Friends Reacted When This Little Girl Showed Them Her New Leg

*Spontaneous tears.*

Cover image via BBC Midlands via Facebook

Two days ago, BBC Midlands posted an adorable video of a 7-year-old girl wearing her new prosthetic leg at her school in Birmingham

At the heart of the footage, which has gone viral, is a cute girl named Anu, who recently got a brand new prosthetic sports blade

When Anu showed her friends her new sports blade, one girl is heard asking, "Is that your new pink leg?" as other friends gather around her.

Anu's friends give the girl hugs, and she's the centre of attention. Clearly, Anu's classmates were very happy to see her back at school. Just look at that hug. SO PURE!

While speaking to BBC Midlands, Anu describes her customised prosthetic blade saying, "It makes me run faster and do my street dancing faster". Watch the incredibly sweet and pure video here:

Anu's leg had to be amputated shortly after she was born

Anu, whose full name is Anupurba, grew up using a regular prosthetic leg.

Anu says her favourite colour is pink, "but violet is my favourite colour, too," she adds.

Seven year old Anu from Solihull has a sports blade that allows her to run and jump and dance - but he funding to replace the blade as she grows is uncertain.

Posted by BBC Midlands Today on Tuesday, May 2, 2017

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