Woman In Putrajaya Who Got Caught In Rain Improvises By Using A Plastic Bag As Scarf

"Is this a new trend?"

Cover image via Harian Metro & Twitter @xthrhxo

A picture of a woman in Putrajaya wearing a plastic bag as her scarf went viral after her colleague shared it online

Twitter user @xthrhxo shared a picture of her 28-year-old friend, Nur Fariza Mohd with a caption that jokingly read, "Why do I have her as my colleague?" on Thursday, 28 August.

Fariza had sent a picture of herself wearing a plastic bag followed by a series of messages in the group chat, asking her friends to guess what she was wearing. 

@xthrhxo's tweet has since gathered over 19,200 retweets and 11,400 likes. 

According to Fariza, she got caught in the rain when she was rushing to meet a customer in Puchong

"It started raining and my scarf got wet. At that time, I wanted to deliver some goods to a customer but I left them at my house in Putrajaya.

"When I left the house, I did not have time to change my scarf so I took a spare and placed it in a bag. When I arrived Puchong, however, I wanted to change my scarf and that's when I realised it was missing. It must have slipped out when I was rushing," Fariza said in an interview with Harian Metro.

As Fariza did not want to leave a bad impression on her customer by wearing a soaking scarf, she started to look around in her car.

"That was when I had an idea. I remembered I had a plastic bag in my car.

"I started tearing the bag up to fit my head. Thankfully, I also had some pins in the car so I used them to adjust the plastic around my head," the woman said.

Her customer was surprised to see Fariza's head wrapped with a plastic bag, asking the woman if her scarf was really made out of plastic

"The customer then said it didn't matter as he understood that it was raining," Fariza said according to mStar

"I just smiled at the customer. As soon as I was done with the delivery, I immediately rushed home," she added.

Fariza shared that she did not expect that a picture of her in a plastic bag would go viral

"I didn't expect the picture to go viral. I don't even have a Twitter account. I even received some criticism that the scarf did not cover up to my chest," the woman said. 

Most netizens, however, were amused with Fariza's creativity, with many complimenting her that she at least made the effort to cover up. 

"She managed to don a plastic bag and still look pretty." 

"Is this a new trend?"

We applause your creativity, Fariza!

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