Woman Is Overwhelmed With Joy After Finding Her Cat That Had Been Missing For A Year

When the owner called its name, the cat ran towards her and begged to be petted.

Cover image via ferrerorocherinfridge/TikTok

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Losing your pet can be one of the most depressing experiences a pet owner can go through

TikTok user @ferrerorocherinfridge posted an emotional video recently when she found her cat, Pandora, that had been missing since May 2021.

In the 56-second clip, the woman said that someone had informed her that they found a missing cat that looked like hers and asked if it was the cat that she's been looking for.

She recognised the cat to be hers as it was wearing a collar similar to Pandora's, but the cat first hid from her as it was afraid of people.

However, after calling the cat by its name, Pandora, the cat responded and immediately ran to her

The overwhelmed cat pawrent then took off Pandora's worn-out collar and petted the cat with love and care.

She stated in the video that Pandora had grown so big since the last time she saw her.

In a follow-up video, @ferrerorocherinfridge showed how Pandora easily got into her cage and reacted well during the car ride home.

Once home, Pandora can be seen to be a bit confused, as she's forgotten the scent of her family, but quickly got comfortable with her environment soon after.

Netizens felt emotional watching the pet owner's videos and left compassionate remarks, and some could even relate to her experience

Two users commented that they were happy to see that Pandora is safe and back with its owner.

Some users also left tearful comments that their cats are still missing.

Watch the TikTok user's emotional reunion with her missing cat below:

@ferrerorocherinfridge I finally found my cat after a year plus. She still remembers me, My Pandora. Alhamdulilah #fyp #missingcat #pecintakucing suara asli - Sadvibes
@ferrerorocherinfridge Replying to @Raja Nur Syasya I hope korang pun jumpa balik your lost cats. After a year bulu Pandora dah lain tapi her lilttle behaviour confirms that it is her. Balik rumah terus masuk fav spot bawah sofa. You’re home now safe with me P #fyp #pecintakucing the winner takes it all - november ultra

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