Sick Of Online Dating? Get A Pet Rock From Shopee That'll Be There For You No Matter What

While you get a new low-maintenance pet, you can also help feed hungry kittens!

Cover image via Shopee

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Have you ever felt lonely after a long day at work and returned home to no one because you're single and people on Tinder are all frustrating to talk to?

You've probably considered getting a pet to entertain yourself in your spare time, but you're worried that your pet will be bored at home while you're out getting that bread.

Perhaps you really want to adopt a fur baby but you're actually allergic to cats and dogs, so owning one is not an option either.


Shopee truly offers a solution to all your problems as you can now adopt a pet rock

A Shopee seller listed pet rocks for sale, and it sounds like the best pet you can get!

The seller promises in the listing description that the pet rocks they're selling are low-maintenance, easy to care for, and travel-friendly.

If you plan on getting a cat or a dog in the future, these pet rocks will make excellent companions because they love playing with other animals.

What if you're really allergic to fur and want to keep a fish as a pet? These rocks can also live underwater and would look great in your fancy aquarium setup.

They also sell both male and female rocks, with male rocks selling for RM18 and female rocks selling for RM19. Your new pet will also come vaccinated. What a steal!

Still not hooked? Just look at how adorable these rocks look with their googly eyes!

You can get these adorable rocks here!

What if you're a little extra and want the best for your pet rock, as well as support an animal shelter while you are at it?

Another seller on Shopee is also selling pet rocks, but they offer a free grooming service for your new buddy!

Paws Home Melaka is selling these rocks to help fund their shelter

With each pet rock purchased, you will help feed the cats in their shelter.

You receive a cute pet rock, and their furry friends will be well fed. Sounds like a win-win situation to me!

Adopt a pet rock and help feed hungry kittens here

Image via Feierkind/tenor

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