"What A Hit" — Woman Accidentally Punches & Cracks TV Screen While Playing VR Game

"Girl just went into the meta verse and punched the living daylight out of the fighter."

Cover image via @huasze (TikTok)

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The entire idea behind developing realistic virtual reality (VR) games is to transport us into a world that's entertaining and immersive.

But can a game ever be considered too realistic?

A recent TikTok video has gone viral after a young woman's boxing match went from imaginary to tangible — real quick!

Posted by a user who goes by the handle @huasze, the 23-second clip opens with the woman, who is a friend of the poster, trying out a VR set at a shop in Suntec City in Singapore.  Playing a boxing match, the woman was using a VR set from the technological brand and virtual reality company, Pico.

Really getting into the game, she throws some punches and ducks from occasional swings, having lots of fun. The video recorder also encourages her, as the woman stated how her system didn't have a coach talking to her.

However, at about the 10-second mark, the woman gets a little too into the game, inching towards the screen and eventually hitting it with a really loud smash.

Dealing a deadly punch, the woman remains uninjured by her hit — though the same can't be said for the television screen, which is left cracked. The liquid-crystal display (LCD) is also left damaged by the punch.

Stunned and a little shaken, the woman can't do anything but awkwardly laugh at the display.

Since being posted, the TikTok video has garnered about 200,000 views and over 10,000 likes

The biggest question everyone wanted answered flooded the comments section: how much did they have to pay for the damage?

Thankfully, the poster of the video explained that they did not need to pay anything because it happens quite often. "We did ask, but they said it's fine!" the user wrote.

Despite the serious undertone of the clip, the jokes kept flowing in from other TikTok users over the woman's punch. "They need to pay you for the promotion of how good it is," said one user in reference to the game.

"GIrl just went into the meta verse and punched the living daylight out of the fighter," said another person.

From calling her Mike Tyson to applauding her friends who encouraged her, one user did ask if she at least bought the VR set.

Nonetheless, the employees at Pico also deserve a pat on the back for being good sports, even though their television screen was damaged. In one comment, the user mentioned how concerned they were, to ensure she wasn't injured.

Watch the full TikTok video below:

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