[VIDEO] OMG, We Finally Figured Out The Lyrics To The TGI Fridays Birthday Song!

"We will, we will rak you!" Wait, what?

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Celebrating your birthday at TGI Fridays is just one of those things that everyone has to go through at least once in their life

You know the drill; you get up on the chair while they sing you a purely giberrish birthday song, and you make a speech using a cili sos bottle as your microphone.

But seriously though; what ARE they singing, really? We think we've got it finally figured out; do you think we got it right?

This is literally what everyone hears when they start singing, tbh...

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Did we hear it right? They did say padi and sayur somewhere in there right?

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But for reals though; who's Gojay Singh?

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Keep your ears open and see if you can decode their mysterious lyrics the next time you're celebrating at TGI Fridays!

Don't worry, you don't have to wait until your birthday to do that. TGI Fridays understands the beautiful joy of everyday victories and that's all the reason you need to celebrate!

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The next time you get a high from life's little achievements (like finding a parking spot righttttt next to the mall entrance), share that joy at TGI Fridays and treat yourself to a FREE ​Brownie Obsession™ (with a minimum spending of RM100)!

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Isn't life awesome?

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