20 Bad Memories Of The Time You Had To Complete Your Final Year Project

The point where stress and crippling anxiety peaks.

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Those who experienced uni will know that the final year project (FYP) marks the toughest uni experience for most students

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Graduates will likely find it a bittersweet throwback but this might be pretty scary for all you hopeful undergrads…

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1. You don't take what your seniors warn you about FYP to heart

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The same way you'll shrug this whole red flag ridden article off.

2. You know you’re SUPPOSED to start on it but heck, there's always tomorrow

That's something future you can worry about and you're really just planning ahead.

3. You start to feel the pressure as the deadline approaches

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Your prayers are heard.

4. And so your days of evolving into a functioning but heavily sleep deprived zombie begins

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Sleep? What sleep??

5. You get panic attacks and start to die on the inside at random moments

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6. You grow numb to the effects of energy drinks and coffee

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Caffeine loses its magic.

7. You hardly eat but when you do, it's only between tiny breaks

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You begin to wonder when you last had a proper meal.

8. Extreme stress drives you and your batch mates insane

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You'll hear people randomly shout, dance or sing in the middle of the classroom or library and that's completely ordinary.

9. You become hypersensitive to your surroundings

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10. You sometimes reach moments of unparalleled focus

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11. Till the tiredness catches up to you and lags your thinking

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12. You occasionally engage in ghost-typing (typing with your eyes closed and your brain half asleep)

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13. You experience a few unproductive dry spells

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14. Your brain stops functioning as it slips into burnout mode

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Error 404: Brain not found.

15. That will DEFINITELY lead to an emotional meltdown

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You're not alone.

16. When presentation day comes, something always goes wrong

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Technical difficulties, running out of time and losing your train of thought? All too common.

17. Not to mention when you need to print your journal

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Boom! Your printer is out of ink and the print shop’s closed. Somehow manages to print everything… Oops, you forgot a page!

18. You’ll look your worst when you finally turn it in

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19. But in the end, you’ll be baffled each time thinking at what you’ve just accomplished

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20. Time to catch up on alllll the lost hours of sleep and become human again ❤️

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What do you remember most about your final year project? Let us know in the comments section below!

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