Six-Pack Abs Are Like Cheesecake... You Get Pretty 'Jelak' After Having Too Much

IMHO, this whole 'hot vendors' thing is getting waaaaay out of hand.

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Unless you've been off the grid in the past few months, you've probably seen photos of Asia's most good-looking food vendors circulating on your social media feed. In fact, we even curated a list out of the viral fad.

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Before long, the phenomenon reached Malaysian shores. Fitness instructor Jordan Yeoh decided to help out in a durian stall and became Malaysia's first ever hot durian seller.

Market vendor seems like a trend, so I go help auntie uncle sell Durian.

Posted by Jordan Yeoh on Saturday, 11 July 2015

Coined as the 'Durian Prince', Jordan (and his abs) gained a multitude of fans almost overnight from all over the world. We're not kidding, his durian selling act actually earned him a place in Buzzfeed and Elite Daily!

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And now, someone else is also jumping on the bandwagon by stripping off his shirt to help out in a local food stall.

Facebook user Tang Wei Chau recently posted a couple of photos from his one-night stint at a tang yuan stall in Jelutong night market, Penang with his sculpted body in full display.

Then there's this guy who was photographed outside his home, roasting lemang for his family. Also without a shirt.

Glorious washboard abs aside, it's time for a little serious talk. This whole thing is getting waaaay out of hand... and that's coming from a red-blooded, somewhat straight woman (me). Before you call me out for being a hater, hear me out.

First, let me just say that I like ogling at well-sculpted bodies as much as the next straight girl, or anyone who admires men's abs, I'm not gonna discriminate here ;). But there comes a time when it becomes too much of a good thing, y'know what I mean?

Six-pack abs are like cheesecake - a slice or two a day tastes pretty amazing after a stressful day at work, but you're probably gonna get pretty jelak of the dairy taste if you gobble down too much cheesecake.

Unless you're one of those people who CAN finish off a whole cheesecake without feeling sick, then please substitute cheesecake for something you can only stand in small doses... like Musang King durian. Or blended celery juice.

Also, it really isn't necessary to strip off your shirts before cooking/prepping/serving food. Hygiene risks aside, you don't have to take off your clothes to appear attractive to the masses. After all, the original hot vendors are mostly clothed when they are at work... and people are still flocking to their stalls!

Abang Sado a.k.a. Malaysia's very own hunky butcher proves that you don't have to disrobe to melt the hearts of many.

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Last but not least, as this is the thing that irks me the most, this 'hot vendors' thing kinda loses its appeal when the 'vendor' initiates one-day stints just to take photos of themselves helping out in a food stall. Again, not to be a hater, but that kinda gives off an ostentatious vibe.

But props to you guys for the effort you've put into maintaining your figures and having the self-confidence to put yourself out there! Just... maybe keep your shirt on next time.

Image via Ai-Ayama

Plus a honorary mention for the other durian seller with the super trendy dadbod right here...

豆腐肌肉男过时了。。。榴莲健身男还在热。。。最新光头榴莲佬才是火。。。Bruce Wong Tom Dick N Harry #geilanyeng #dadbod #duriankingttdi

Posted by Calvin Tan on Sunday, 12 July 2015

Anyway, paging the Tourism Ministry - how about making these guys ambassadors for the next 'Malaysia, Truly Asia' campaign? Time to bring some sexy back to hawker stalls, eh? ;)

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