[VIDEOS] These Are The 22 Most Entertaining CNY Ads Of 2019

Get your heart ready with a tissue box or two.

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1. Start right off with Watson's star-studded musical drama with amazing costumes and fun choreography

Category: Dramatic | Funny | Musical

The drama begins at a family reunion dinner where a younger sister is seen wearing the eldest sister's outfit and makeup without permission. Find out how the story unfolds in 'Happy Beautiful Year', and enjoy catching your favourite influencers like Jinnyboy, Amber Chia, and Pink Tan!

2. Get your tissues ready for this classic CNY tearjerker from Daikin

Category: Touching | Nostalgic

'Forget Me Not' showcases a family of three and their preparations for Chinese New Year. The pacing and storytelling is on point, and it will definitely tug at your heartstrings (we were bawling by the time it was over).

3. Find out the meaning behind every Hakka dish with Sunway Group's series of dialect videos

Category: Funny | Cheesy | Educational

If you've ever wondered why Hakka people love their chicken wings and fish eyes, 'Feast Like A Hakka' will get you up to speed. Check out Sunway Group's Hokkien and Cantonese videos as well.

4. Here's how a son comes to terms with his father's annoying gifting habits in this video by PLUS Malaysia

Category: Funny | Cheesy | Touching

Ever had a parent who would go all out to buy gifts for people during CNY? It sounds great in theory, unless you have to follow your parents to the ends of the earth just to get the perfect pomelo (with ONE leaf). 'Shou Xin' reminds us that it's not about the gift we carry, but the heart behind it that counts.

5. Digi wants to remind us that our family stories are our greatest inheritance

Category: Touching | Nostalgic

'Grandfather's Stories' is about a young man staying with his grandfather, who keeps singing the same song over and over again. When his patience wears out, he finally snaps at his grandfather, which leads him to discover an untold family story.

6. Discover how you can celebrate age-old traditions in new fashion with EcoWorld's upbeat music video

Category: Musical | Inspiring

'#XinHuaYoung' takes a fresh spin on age-old traditions like yee sang, CNY greetings, and CNY decorations. Although how we celebrate Chinese New Year may change, every generation will continue to uphold the spirit of the season in their own way.

7. Experience a mother's love in this moving video by PETRONAS

Category: Touching | Nostalgic

We always tell ourselves we will spend more time with family after work, but there will always be work to do. 'HEART' rings true to home, showing how a daughter is caught between work and family, and how a mother loves unconditionally.

8. Watch how a little hospitality can go a long way with Malaysia Airlines

Category: Nostalgic | Inspirational

'The Spirit of Hospitality' tells a story of how an air steward spends his long layover in the airport helping random strangers. Ultimately, we all have the little kid in us, and sometimes it's good to go back in time to rediscover the place where our dreams first took flight. 

9. Meet your typical CNY characters in AirAsia's dramatic CNY video

Category: Dramatic | Cheesy | Educational

What happens when you put a group of relatives with strong personalities together? Drama ensues! 'The Perfect Lou Sang' features characters that we can all identify with. Make sure to watch to the end to learn some CNY greetings you can use when you lou sang this year!

10. Get inspired to pursue your passion with Tiger's inspiring video

Category: Inspiring | Touching

'Uncage New Beginnings' follows a son's journey to pursue his passions and change his destiny despite his father's disapproval. Watch how he overcomes the odds and goes beyond expectations while remembering his roots.

11. Turn your luck around in IJM's hilarious video featuring a Hokkien-speaking uncle

Category: Funny | Cheesy

Wondering how "BO-LANG-SA" can turn someone's luck around? 'The Lucky Guy' features a funny Hokkien-speaking uncle we can all relate to, and shows how a life lead by a positive mind and good vibes is a truly fulfilling one!

12. Hong Leong Bank wants you to remember to give back to your parents this CNY

Category: Funny | Cheesy | Touching

Just got your first job and your parents want you to start contributing RM888 a month to the household fund? 'Payback Time' is a lighthearted story with a serious message behind it, and is a must-watch especially if you're still staying with your parents!

13. Matrix shows how friendships can be found in the unlikeliest of places

Category: Touching | Inspirational

'Hello, Old Friend' revolves around a girl who always passes by the same old lady on her way to school. Their interaction is cute to say the least, as the girl continually tries to make a connection to no avail. Make sure you watch to the end for warm, fuzzy feelings.

14. Gamuda Land wants you to remember your roots in this nostalgic video

Category: Nostalgic | Inspirational

'The Family Tree' tells a familiar, warming story of a busy child finding his way home to a parent that's patiently waiting. It's a reminder to take time and appreciate those who have nurtured your roots and sowed the seeds of your future.

15. Prudential uses a creative concept to show how actions can speak louder than words in this touching video

Category: Touching | Nostalgic

Some of our parents may not be the most expressive when it comes to words, but we know that they love us from the bottom of their hearts. 'Word Count' challenges viewers to go beyond the surface and discover the deeper meaning behind every word spoken.

16. Get ready for a real shocker with Panasonic's music video

Category: Dramatic | Musical

We're not going to give too much away, but 'Lat Talilat Tali Tam Pom' is definitely not your typical karaoke CNY music video. The product placement for Panasonic throughout the video is also hilariously obvious but on point. You'll have to watch it to understand.

17. An eclectic mix of Malaysian and international personalities share what they love about CNY with Mercedes-Benz

Category: Nostalgic | Inspirational

There are a 'Million Things To Love About CNY'! This video series features prolific individuals such as Datuk Jimmy Choo, Datuk Nicol David, and Nabil Jeffri, who tell their stories of what makes Chinese New Year special to them. Check out the full playlist here.

18. F&N sums it all in one phrase with this nostalgic video

Category: Touching | Nostalgic | Musical

Take a trip down memory lane with the classic hairstyles and old-school F&N glass bottles. Ultimately, F&N wants to remind us that though times change, the taste of love (as well as Sarsi and Orange Crush) will always remain the same.

19. Watch the longest ever CNY video ever by Hotlink

Category: Funny | Cheesy

This should be the longest ever CNY ad, running for a total of 88 minutes! Experience a day in the life of a boy obsessed with watching videos on his phone, and get to know each of his family members, with funny antics of their own.

20. TNB tells you why the time between reunion dinner and midnight is the most ong in this hilarious video

Category: Funny | Cheesy | Inspirational

'The ONG-est Hours' shows a group of young cousins trying to sneak out of their grandmother's house after reunion dinner, only to find themselves facing obstacle after obstacle. The super funny, over-the-top acting will keep you rolling in laughter!

21. Find out the origins of yee sang as told by CIMB

Category: Nostalgic | Dramatic | Funny

If you've ever wondered where yee sang came from, you'll need to watch 'You-Sang, We-Sang'. True or not, you'll have to watch the video and decide for yourselves.

22. Maxis wants you to play Dooit with your family this CNY

Category: Funny | Cheesy | Dramatic

If you're familiar with the popular Malaysian app Dooit, then you'll love 'Dooit For Family', which takes your imagination to what the game would look like in olden days. Remember to play it during the festive season to win up to RM188,000 in prize money!

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Here's a throwback to some of the best CNY ads we've had in the past couple of years:

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