7 Fast Food Outlets In Malaysia That Serve Bubur

Cause who needs burgers and fried chicken when you have bubur, right?

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It’s amazing how almost every fast food outlet in Malaysia serves bubur on its menu. After all, it’s a local favourite.

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It’s simply perfect on a rainy day, when you're feeling sick, or when you just want to be healthy and take care of your tummy.

Whatever the reason, having bubur is always a great idea. Here are 7 popular fast food outlets in Malaysia where you can actually get bubur:

1. McDonald’s Bubur Ayam McD

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When you talk about fast food bubur, this is the first thing that comes to mind. In fact, McDonald’s has been having this bubur for so long we can't imagine what the menu would be without it. It comes with chicken strips and is garnished with spring onions, sliced ginger, fried shallots and diced chilies.

2. KFC’s Zinger Porridge

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Available in the mornings, this bubur packs a punch with its flavourful Zinger chicken patty that is chopped up into bite-sized pieces. It is also topped with tortilla chips, giving you a nice crunch to contrast the soft bubur.

3. Marrybrown’s Bubur Pedas

For all you who can take some heat, this spicy seafood porridge is perfect for you. Topped with crab stick, fried onion, green onions, and spicy fried dried shrimps, this bubur is completely different from any other porridge you’ll get at Malaysian fast food outlets.

4. I Love Yoo!’s Yoo Tiao With Porridge

Whoever invented this combo of yoo tiao (or cakoi) and bubur was a genius! Especially when the yoo tiao soaks up all the bubur-y goodness. For the serious bubur eaters, I Love Yoo! Also has a few other options that are made with dried scallops, dried oysters, and more.

5. Texas Chicken’s Porridge

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Warm, comforting, and filled with tender chicken chunks—that’s what this bubur is all about. If you’re feeling a tad bit adventurous, you can even get chicken tenders on the side to go with this comfort meal.

6. Wendy’s Bubur Ayam

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Wendy’s boils their bubur in flavourful chicken broth, and garnishes it with chicken strips, spring onions, chillies, and fried shallots. It’s probably the closest thing to home-cooked porridge at a fast food outlet.

7. A&W’s Egg Porridge

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If you’re not in the mood for chicken or crab stick on your porridge, some fluffy eggs should do the trick! Besides being topped with the usual spring onions, chillies, and shallots, this unique bubur also features fluffy eggs, making it a perfect way to start your day.

So, which of these bubur is your favourite? Let us know, and do tell us if we missed out any!

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