7 Dance Music Festivals You Should Experience At Least Once In Your Life

It's not just about the DJs.

1. Ultra Music Festival, United States. Founded in 1999 in the city of Miami, the festival has branched out to 11 countries, with the latest one being Thailand.

Experiential highlight: Unparalleled production and held in beautiful cities worldwide. The main stage was the most technically advanced and largest concert stage designs in history of electronic music events worldwide.

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2. Tomorrowland, Belgium. Held in a town with just 16,000 residents, Tomorrowland is now THE largest electronic dance music festival in the world, attracting 400,000 people in 2014.

Experiential highlight - One of the most over-the-top festivals in terms of the layout and stage design. Tomorrowland feels like falling down a rabbit hole with stunning visuals and stage designs.

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3. Burning Man, United States. Burning Man is a week long festival held right in the middle of the Nevada desert. The highlight? The burning of a large wooden effigy at night.

Experiential highlight: Over 65,000 free spirits will trek to the Nevada dessert to create and ephemeral city. We're talking about art installations, mutant vehicles, colourful theme camps and even a 40-foot wooden man which will eventually be lit on fire.

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4. Coachella, United States. Held in California, this festival features music from all genres: indie, rock, EDM, it's all there. Besides the music, there's also art installations and sculptures throughout the area.

Experiential highlight: Besides the wide variety of music genres made available, Coachella boasts art installations, sculptures and different themed tents & stages for its guests.

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5. Sensation, Netherlands. Starting out as a Trance music festival, the event has evolved into two editions to cater to people with different music tastes. Sensation is now located in at least 19 countries, which also includes United Arab Emirates.

Experiential highlight: An indoor dance festival that has expanded to over 19 countries worldwide described as a 'Cirque de soleil' for clubbers all dressed in white.

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6. Sunburn, India. Held in the city of Goa, Sunburn is considered to be Asia's LARGEST music festival and is ranked among the top 10 festivals to attend by CNN.

Experiential highlight: A beach rave which is an amalgation of music, entertainment, food and shopping.

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7. Electric Daisy Carnival, United States. This popular festival actually started in 1992 in Los Angeles, before bursting into popularity in 2008. The carnival is now held in many cities across the US such as Las Vegas and New York.

Experiential highlight: Neon daisy light installations, barely-dressed fairies, thrilling carnival rides. Basically a giant amusement park for adults.

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