8 Stress-Relieving Hobbies You Can Pick Up To Help You Deal With Burnout

These hobbies do not require you to leave the comfort of your home!

Cover image via Jonathan Borba/Unsplash & elisa_ventur/Unsplash

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Are you experiencing burnout and don't know what to do to break out of the cycle?

Hobbies are essential when it comes to dealing with burnout, whether you're a working adult or a student, as it provides stress relief and gives you something to look forward to beyond just your career or academic life.

Not only that, hobbies also help reduce the impact of a stressful job and alleviate symptoms of burnout.

To help you deal with burnout and improve your wellbeing, here are eight hobbies you can pick up:

1. Embroidery starter kit | RM11.82 - RM38.17

Image via Shopee

If you've always wanted to try cross-stiching or embroidery, you can get this embroidery kit that includes transferring paper, embroidery threads, plain cloths, embroidery hoop, embroidery needle, water soluble ink pen, and needle threader.

As of writing, there are two types of sets. One set has 24 thread colours with tools, and the second set has 50 thread colours with tools.

You can get a kit here.

2. Paint-by-numbers | RM6.89

Image via Shopee

Want to paint but don't know where to start your brush strokes? This paint-by-number kit is perfect for beginners who are looking to bring out their inner artist. With over 20 variations of pictures to paint and beginner painting materials, you'll definitely have a good time trying out painting.

You can get a kit here.

3. Wood carving board | RM3.83 - RM21.40 and wood carving chisel | RM4.99 - RM8.99

Image via Shopee
Image via Shopee

This hobby is definitely for those who has always been on the more dexterous side and excelled during those Kemahiran Hidup classes in school :P

You can get the wood carving board here and the wood carving chisels here.

Image via Shopee

If you've always kept a diary growing up, journalling can be a good outlet for you to commemorate memories or jot down your emotions.

The kit includes a notebook (blank or dotted), doily papers, cotton lace, vintage paper sheets, assorted papers, cards, and memos, washi tapes, wax seal pieces, and more.

You can get a kit here.

5. Beads jewellery-making kit | RM18.90 - RM39.90

Image via Shopee

Make your own cute accessories with this bead jewellery-making set. The set includes 24 bead colours, tweezers, jewellery charms, beading needle, jump rings, scissors, and elastic and non-elastic strings.

You can get a set here.

6. Puzzles | RM13.90

Image via Shopee

If you like something that requires some brainpower, you can try and take up puzzles as a hobby. With over 20 variations of puzzle art and 1,000 pieces per puzzle, these will certainly stimulate your brain.

You can get a puzzle box here.

7. Urban gardening kit | RM17.80

Image via Shopee

Grow your own mini farm in your backyard or balcony with this hydroponic urban gardening kit that comes with a tray, top cover, nets, sponges, seeds, sticker label, manual, and AB fertiliser. Don't worry about your plants not growing according to plan, as they also provide guidance for beginners.

You can get a kit here.

8. Terrarium starter kit | RM4.50 - RM20

Image via Shopee

If you prefer to have something aesthetic to add to your home decor, you can try building a terrarium. With several choices of soil, as well as vase design and sizes, you can explore your creativity and create your own mini forest at home.

You can get them here.

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