8 Things Our Old-School Parents Do That Make Us Want To Laugh, Cry, And Ask “Why?”

As much as we love them, there are some things we cannot tahan.

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If you have old-school parents, you'll understand the feeling of wanting to laugh, cry, and roll your eyes at the same time

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They are often funny and genuinely caring, but sometimes the things they say or do will make you question, "But whyyyy?" T.T

As much as we love our old-school parents, here are a few things we simply cannot tahan about them:

1. They still forward you WhatsApp messages "to be safe"

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They spend a big chunk of their day on WhatsApp group chats, and will always forward you long, long messages even though you tell them it's fake.

2. They keep asking you to help fix their computer, phones, TV, speakers, and any other tech appliance at home because you’re young and you’re the expert, right?

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You won't be able to run away from this even if you're miles away.

3. They would rather travel with a big tour group instead of planning out their own itinerary

They prefer the convenience of having a set tour itinerary, while you would rather have the flexibility of choosing where to go and what to eat when you get to your destination.

4. They must fight for the dinner bill and win every time

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One thing you'll see every Chinese New Year is your parents fighting their siblings (aka your uncles and aunties) for the dinner bill, especially during reunion dinners. Somehow, your parents win almost every single time.

5. They still don’t know what you do for a living

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It seems like all they understand is: doctor, lawyer, and engineer.

6. They still wait for their monthly statements to be delivered by the postman

When they can check their statements online or through their mobile app in real-time.

7. They say things like “You never know…”

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They will go the extra mile to stock up on groceries and household supplies like laundry detergent, because "you never know" when the next sale will be. They'll also make sure you always have an umbrella in your car for rainy days and snacks in your car in case of traffic jams.

8. They looove paying with exact change when grocery shopping digs up 5 cents from their coin pouch

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They carry a stash of coins in a zipped pouch, even though it’s heavy to be lugging it around, and they won’t swipe their credit card or debit card unless it’s a big purchase.

Are your parents old-school like that too?

Even though there are some things we simply cannot tahan about our parents, we know that they love us from the bottom of their hearts! Sometimes, we just need a whole lot of patience to get them up to speed with change and new things!

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