9 Things Under RM99 That You Can Do At Home If You’re Dying Of Boredom

Waaaaah! Looks so fun :D

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With travel restrictions and physical distancing measures still in place, we’re encouraged to #DudukRumahDiamDiam

This means we won’t be able to venture outside as much as we want to, all so that we can #FlattenTheCurve.

As our usual day-to-day routines might have faced some disruption, we all just need something to keep ourselves busy while we’re staying indoors

Something fun that won’t break the bank, and that all of us can do from the comfort of our own homes :D

Here are nine things to pass your time while you #StayAtHome:

1. Paktor - but at home :D

Image via Cloudfront

Order in some yummy food via delivery (or cook yourself if you’ve got the skillz), set the mood with some jazz playing softly in the background, and have a romantic night in. Express how much you care for your significant other by setting up a candlelit date night, and just have a fun time together.

Alright, now where are those scented candles? :p

Estimated budget
Food delivery for two ~ RM60
Scented candles ~ RM10
Faux flowers ~ RM5
Meaningful conversation ~ Priceless
Estimated total: RM75

2. Throw a mini pamper party for some of that well-deserved me-time

Image via That Sister

Take a well-deserved break and give yourself manis and pedis. Buff, file, and coat your nails with beautiful colours of varnish. Remember ladies, you can’t buy happiness but you can get your nails done, and they’re kinda the same thing, hehe!

Give yourself the full spa experience, complete with a hand massage, foot soak, scrub, and maybe even do a couple of sheet masks while you’re at it. Sounds like heaven, doesn't it?

Estimated budget
Homemade honey sugar scrub ~ RM8
Facial sheet mask ~ RM5
Peppermint Epsom salt foot soak ~ RM15
Nail polish ~ RM10 per bottle
Manicure/pedicure tools ~ RM25
Portable nail dryer ~ RM35
Estimated total: RM98

3. Forget the gym! Just do some HIIT at home and get into shape.

Image via Men's Health

Working out can do wonders for your mental health, as well as lift your spirits with the rush of mood-boosting endorphins. All you gotta do is choose your workout - cardio, strength training, HIIT, yoga, circuit training - and look for free online fitness video tutorials. After that, just place your yoga mat on the floor and start your routine.

Looking to take things to the next level? Add on a few kettlebells and resistance bands to make you feel the burn!

Estimated budget
Resistance band ~ RM15
Anti-slip yoga mat ~ RM20
Kettlebell/dumbbell ~ RM20 - RM50
Skipping rope ~ RM10
Online fitness tutorials ~ Free
Estimated total: RM95

4. Play dress-up and host a virtual costume-themed party

Costume parties are waaaaaay more fun than regular parties. Get creative! Host a virtual meme-themed party, where everyone has to dress up according to their favourite memes. It will be sure to leave everyone in stitches!

The best part is you don’t have to whip your wallet out to buy a new costume - just rummage through your closet or DIY with things you have lying around your house!

Estimated budget
Finger food and drinks ~ RM30
DIY costume ~ RM20 - RM40
Prizes ~ RM20
Estimated total: RM90

5. Play online games - by yourself or with your friends :D

Image via The Next Web

Instead of sitting down at your desktop and staring at your screen, have some fun with your friends by playing online games! Online gaming is a really good way to unwind after a long day of working from home.

Have your pick from Steam's extensive list of really cool and interactive games. The best part is that some of them are actually free! To add to the excitement, try creating a room on Discord so you can talk and strategise as you play. 

Estimated budget (Game prices as stated on Steam)
Phasmophobia ~ RM31
Among Us ~ RM12
Raft ~ RM38
Dead by Daylight ~ RM38
Dota ~ Free
Estimated total: RM10 - RM50

If you prefer gaming on your mobile phone, some games you can consider playing are Bullet Echo, Ministry Broadcast, and Brawlhalla. 

6. Build your own mini terrarium and flaunt that green thumb!

Image via Rural Sprout

Living indoors shouldn’t have to deprive you of gardening. If you don’t have a garden, or if you live in a high-rise building and want to tend to some low-maintenance shrubbery, a terrarium or a mossarium would be your best bet.

A terrarium is a miniature garden where the plants and the soil in the terrarium release water vapour. The vapour is then collected onto the walls of the vessel and trickles down to the soil, kinda like your every own mini-ecosystem. You can use a mason jar or any clean glass container as your holder.

For an open terrarium, it's best to opt for plants that are suited for drier conditions like succulents and cacti. A closed terrarium would be humid and moist, so moss and ferns would be a great choice.

Estimated budget
Mason jar/glass container ~ RM5
Gravel ~ RM2
Crushed gardening charcoal ~ RM5
High-quality potting soil ~ RM3
Succulents ~ RM5 - RM10
Moss ~ RM20
DIY terrarium kit (if you malas to purchase them separately :p) ~ RM55 - RM95
Estimated total: RM45 - RM95

7. Have a mini-golf tournament at home

Image via Decathlon

For all you golf enthusiasts out there, instead of going to the driving range, you can keep your game from getting rusty by doing drills using your own golf set or any household items to keep your swing consistent. 

Besides that, if you have some space to work with, you can even set up a small green area using cups as holes and markers to work on your short game and distance control. Use masking tape as markers to help shape the area for each hole. Get some soft golf balls while you're at it - you wouldn't want to break anything at home :p

Estimated budget
Foam golf balls ~ RM25
Putting set ~ RM39
Cups ~ RM5
Masking tape ~ RM5
Golf hitting tent ~ RM60 - RM95
Estimated total: RM5 - RM95

8. Buy a batik painting kit online and unleash your inner artist

Staying at home all the time can really drain your creative side, so what better way to get inspired than by doing some art? Batik painting can also be really therapeutic, and we think it's a really good way to soothe any anxieties that you may have during these times.

There are many online shops that sell pre-printed batik cloth with wax motifs for a really good price. The kits even come with dyes and brushes, so you’ll definitely have fun toning, mixing, and matching the colours to your liking.

Estimated budget
DIY batik painting kit ~ RM20 - RM50
Estimated total: RM50

9. Two words: NERF Guns

Image via Medium

A NERF Water Gun battle is super fun to play if you've got kids at home. Just design an obstacle course, ranging from simple to complicated, and build your battlefield :D If you don't have water guns, try making your own water bombs using balloons.

Don't wanna get wet? Set up a target practice area at home using tins, cans, and other objects. Then shoot them down with a NERF gun.

Estimated budget
NERF Guns ~ RM13 - RM94
Vest ~ RM84
Bullets ~ RM4 - RM20
NERF Water Guns ~ RM55 - RM99
Balloons ~ RM7
Estimated total: RM50 - RM99

Finding stuff to do at home doesn't have to be difficult or expensive. All it takes is some creativity and some company - be it in-person or virtually :D

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