Are Watches Still A Thing? We Asked Malaysians To Share Their Thoughts

Have smartphones replaced traditional watches completely?

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Technology has certainly changed our lives, but has it really affected how we feel about traditional watches?

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It's no secret that smartphones have revolutionised our lifestyles. With the touch of a button we can immediately get the time, date, day of the week, and a whole lot more from our phones. So why do people still wear watches?

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In celebration of OMEGA's new concept store, we asked Malaysians to share their thoughts on why watches are still so important to them. Here's what they said:

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1. "The love of watches for me is the engineering behind it. Smartwatches are a different category altogether. You can't compare the two."

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"Nowadays the trend is to switch to smartwatches, but it's just not the same for me. Smartwatches are about utility, but traditional wristwatches are about the engineering, design, and function. Watches will never be a thing of the past!"

- Kenneth, 26. 

2. "I collect them because they look good and are a solid investment"

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"Right now I have around 5 luxury watches. I mostly wear the same one every day, and a few others on special occasions. I personally find watches extremely interesting and beautifully made. I admire the craftmanship that goes into each one. Over time, these watches will increase in value, so it's a win-win!"

- KW, 34.

3. "When I completed my SPM, my father brought me to a boutique watch shop and bought me my first ever 'grown-up' watch"

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"I know SPM isn't the most important thing, but back then, studying for it was my whole life! When I got my exam results, my dad was so proud of me he rewarded me with a watch. I'll never forget the feeling of walking into that boutique, looking and trying on different timepieces, and finally selecting one that I really, truly loved. It's not just the watch. It was the experience and the memory of being with my dad. It's so precious to me."

- Arif, 28.

4. "I just feel naked without a watch"

"My wrist feels weird without a watch. I'm the kind of person who has to wear one. Even if the battery is dead or the watch is broken, I'll still wear it until I get a replacement! Watches will never go out of style for me. I love my watches haha."

- Sarah, 22.

5. "My job doesn’t allow me to keep my phone on me, so I need a watch"

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"I work in healthcare and need to document time and date often, but I’m not allowed to bring my phone with me. A watch is the most practical thing there is."

- James, 32.

6. "They are beautiful accessories for any outfit"

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"I have a wide range of watches and wear them like jewellery! They’re accessories that look good AND are useful. They layer well with bracelets too."

- Michelle, 30.

7. "My watch belonged to my father, and I plan on passing it to my son"

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"A quality watch will last generations and look much better than any phone."

- Govind, 29.

8. "A watch will always be a fashion accessory. And at times, a status symbol."

"I feel that smartphones do a better job of keeping track of the time and date, which is why watches are more of a fashion accessory and status symbol. Personally, I like mechanical/automatic watches because it's like having the entire engineering tech on my wrist while watching the gears move. It's quite captivating. I don't think watches will ever go out of style, there's nothing that can replace their prestige."

- Ronn, 28.

9. "My wife bought me this watch when we got married and had it engraved, so it's extra special for me"

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"I know according to superstition it's supposed to be bad luck to gift a watch or clock, but we don't believe in that :) Anyway, I love my watch. To me, it's partly an accessory and partly for time keeping, but 100% because of the sentimental value attached to it."

- Zul, 28.

A beautiful luxury watch is so much more than just an accessory on your wrist. It’s a lifestyle, an investment, and a special connection.

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