7 Questions You Can Ask Yourself To Find Out Your State Of Wellness And Happiness

Your physical, emotional, and even financial wellness can affect how you're feeling. :)

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There are seven key dimensions of wellness – physical, spiritual, intellectual, environmental, financial, social, and emotional

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According to the National Wellness Institute (NWI), each of these dimensions are interconnected and all contribute to healthy living. For instance, not only is being physically fit important, having your emotions and relationships in check will also help you feel better about yourself.

Here are a few questions you can ask yourself to find out your state of wellbeing and happiness:

1. Do you get restful sleep and feel energised throughout the day?

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Physical wellness is important because it directly affects how your body feels. If you're not getting good rest or you're feeling lethargic throughout the day, it's a sign that your body is in need of some extra care. It can be as easy as doing a simple workout at the end of the day, or putting your phone away so you can rest better at night.

Simple tips:
- Try being active at least 20 minutes a day
- Eat at regular times and drink plenty of water every day
- Track your sleeping pattern to make sure you get 7-9 hours of sleep

2. Is there a sense of peace and wellbeing in your life?

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Spiritual wellness is not just about having a religion, but also about finding purpose and meaning in your life. While many people see spiritual wellness as an opportunity to connect with something greater than themselves, others may find peacefulness through methods like meditation.

Simple tips:
- Keep all your devices away and spend 10 minutes a day practicing mindfulness
- Engage in groups that share your same beliefs or values
- Write down five things you're grateful for at the end of every week in a journal

    3. Have you learnt something new in the last three months?

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    Intellectual wellness is about consistently expanding your knowledge and sharing it with others. This dimension of wellness is not just limited to picking up new skills, it can also come in the form of troubleshooting an issue at work or helping a friend solve their problem. Basically, anything that challenges your creativity, curiosity, and critical thinking skills will help build your intellectual wellness.

    Simple tips:
    - Develop a new skill by attending an online class
    - Teach something you're good at to reinforce the knowledge
    - Listen and consider the perspective of others

    4. Are you taking care of the environment and your surroundings?

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    Environmental wellness relates to how you interact with your environment and how it impacts you. The natural environment is part of this, which is why going green and being sustainable can help. On the other hand, environmental wellness is also about your everyday surroundings, be it your home, workspace, or office – a tidy, well-decorated environment will be sure to bring your spirits up.

    Simple tips:
    - Make conscious decisions to be environmentally-friendly
    - Keep your home and everyday surroundings neat and clean
    - Spruce up your environment with greenery and decorations that spark joy

    5. When it comes to your work, do you find it fulfilling?

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    Financial or occupational wellness refers to finding fulfilment in your work and career. Most of the time, this sense of fulfilment is also closely tied to your financial stability. If you're stressed at your job, overworked, or struggling financially, it may affect this area of your wellbeing. On the other hand, being in a healthy workplace with good colleagues and a clear career projection may help you feel more secure.

    Simple tips:
    - Look for good companies where you can stay and grow
    - Keep track of your monthly expenses and spend within your means
    - Take time off from work to prevent yourself from burning out

    6. Do you communicate effectively with others?

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    Social wellness is all about your relationships and how you interact with others, be it your loved ones, friends, colleagues, or strangers. Being able to communicate well and understand others is important. Besides that, you should also surround yourself with people who will be there for you in both good and difficult times – it doesn't have to be a big group, it can be just a few close friends you trust.

    Simple tips:
    - Reach out to the five people closest to you, and tell them how much they mean to you
    - Make it a point to call or text your loved ones to stay in touch
    - Participate in social activities and be open to meeting new people

    7. Do you know what stresses you out, and how to deal with it?

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    Emotional wellness includes how you deal with your feelings and emotions. First of all, do you understand your feelings and why certain things stress you out? Knowing this will help you to manage your emotions and cope with challenges in life. Besides that, learning how to express your feelings in a healthy manner is also important, especially to the people you interact with on a daily basis.

    Simple tips:
    - Take note of what stresses you out, and learn how to deal with those stressors
    - Find someone to talk to if you're struggling with your feelings or emotions
    - Try out relaxation and stress management techniques

    If you managed to answer positively for all seven questions above, you’ve achieved holistic wellness! But if not, don’t worry, 'cause you can always work towards it one step at a time.

    Whether it’s your physical, emotional, or psychological wellness, there are practical things you can do to improve your overall wellbeing. Ultimately, the most important thing is to understand that wellness is a lifelong pursuit, and the little steps you take today can help you feel happier in the long run.

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