These Stunning Photos Show Us Why There’s No Other Place On Earth Like Sarawak

Sarawak in all its raw, glorious beauty.

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Located northwest of the Borneo island, Sarawak is Malaysia's largest state that is wildly fascinating, raw and beautiful. We'll let the photos speak for themselves:

These talented photographers have captured some of the most breathtaking photos of Sarawak's sheer beauty, from its lush forests, to its warm people and its unique culture.

Glorious native homes set in forests that could easily rival the beautiful scenes out of magical fairytales!

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Being close to the equator, Sarawak's flora and fauna are unique to the state with more than hundreds of plants and animals that are native to the eastern state

Malaysian black and gold huntsman

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Borneo’s endemic proboscis monkeys can be found at the Bako National Park

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Sarawak's state bird, the Hornbill is thought to be the messenger between god and men by the Iban people

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The magnificent Mulu National Park was recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2000. The ancient park is home to the sharp limestone spikes called The Pinnacles and the world's largest cave chamber.

The limestone pinnacles of Gunung Mulu

Image via flickr/Paul White

Mulu National Park

Image via flickr/sunriseOdyssey

Deer Cave entrance, Gunung Mulu, Sarawak

Image via flickr/Bernard DUPONT

Sarawak has a total of 30 national parks, 4 wildlife sanctuaries and 10 nature reserves. Expect to see unique rock formations, beautiful jungle streams and landscapes that could take your breath away!

Similajau National Park

Image via flickr/kambut

Bako National Park, Sarawak

Image via flickr/Adamina

Miri, Sarawak

Image via flickr/Intrepid Navigator

The Hornbill's state's capital city is equally magical...

Sarawak River Sunset Cruise

Image via flickr/Marufish

The State Assembly building, Kuching

Image via flickr/Peter Gronemann

Sunset, Kuching river

Image via flickr/Peter Gronemann

The majestic views of the Sarawak forests and mountains will leave an everlasting imprint in your mind

Borneo's jungle

Image via flickr/¡kuba!

Centuries-old recipes perfected over the years to create an eclectic blend of flavour that will leave you wanting for more

'Midin', a type of wild fern salad

Image via flickr/Kevin Boey

Kolo Mee

Image via flickr/sunriseOdyssey

Kek Lapis Sarawak

Image via Asian Itinerary

With more than 40 ethnic groups that have their own distinct languages, cultures and lifestyles, Sarawak is known to be one of the most harmonious states in the country

Iban women dressed in their traditional costume of 'marik empang' and 'kain kebat'

Image via Borneo Adventure

'Ayam pansuh' is a dish prepared by cooking chicken with spices in bamboos and is typically popular among the Dayaks and Bidayuhs

Image via Orang Utan Rich

The traditional dance of Sarawak's Iban community

Image via flickr/Colin Charles

Oh, did we mention that this magical beach strip is actually in Miri?

Tusan Beach, Miri, Sarawak

Image via Albert Song

The glowing deep blue colour of the waters of Miri's Tusan beach comes from the growth of bio-luminescent phytoplankton

Image via raudhatuljannah9597

Tusan Beach, Miri, Sarawak

Image via Albert Song

Imagine spending the night tucked away in a resort surrounded by the lush, green rainforest of Sarawak...

Batang Ai Resort, Sarawak

Image via Borneo Adventure

Batang Ai Longhouse Resort, Sarawak

Image via Wei Wong

Batang Ai Longhouse Resort, Sarawak

Image via Wei Wong

And all that amazingness is enhanced by the yearly dosage of the Rainforest World Music Festival with performances from musicians across the world!

Rainforest World Music Festival

Image via Music Weekly

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