16 Must-Have Items That Will Level Up Your Beauty Game Just In Time For Raya

Get your glow on, girrrrl!

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1. Keep your skin fresh and moisturised for the festivities with face masks from Eleanor

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"I love sheet masks and this one ticked all the boxes for me! The fit was just right and it left my dry skin feeling soft and moisturised for hours. And the best part? There were eyelid flaps so you can wear them while taking a nap! Not an inch of skin left dehydrated." - Katrina

Moisture-Rich Skin Glowing Face Mask | Eleanor

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2. Invest in your skin and give it the best care with moisturiser from Dr. Oracle

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"I like that this isn't sticky and gets absorbed easily, keeping my skin supple and soft. Plus the bottle is really cute and the dispenser makes it so easy to use and mess-free. Perfect for when I'm traveling!" - Gowri

Real White Brightening Soft Lotion | Dr. Oracle

3. Protect your skin while you hop from open house to open house with sunblock from Haruhada

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"As sunscreens go, this one has a pretty watery, toner-like consistency, making it so easy to apply quickly. Also, SPF 50+ is the only way to go for face sunscreens! It has a light fragrance, so if you have sensitive skin, this may not be the best product for you." - Katrina

Whitening Essence Sunscreen SPF50++ | Haruhada

4. Ensure your makeup stays fresh from morning to night with Velvet Touch Foundation Primer by Gosh

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"I never use primer when I wear makeup. So I was genuinely surprised that this glided on so smoothly and had a velvety feel on my skin! It definitely stays true to its name. It also made my makeup blend easier on my face because my skin was so smooth and oil-free." - Tammy

Velvet Touch Foundation Primer | Gosh

5. Get an even skin tone with hydrating Foundation Drops from Gosh

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“I am a foundation lover! Usually it’s a bit hard for me to find a foundation brand that matches my skin because sometimes the foundation is too oily or becomes 'cakey' when my face is exposed to sunlight. But these foundation drops make my life a lot easier. It's not too thick and just perfect for my skin!" - Murni

Foundation Drops | Gosh

6. Add a touch of highlighter so you steal the limelight in every Raya photo with Lumi Drops by Gosh

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"Getting the right highlighter shade is important for my skin tone. Just a few drops of this and my skin was glowing! I love adding a touch to my collar bone too." - Tammy

Lumi Drops | Gosh

7. Work those cheekbones with Cyber Colors V-Shape Contour Powder

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"The darker shade of the contour powder is so easy to blend on my skin which is crucial as most contour palettes have a tendency to look dirty on your face when it is not blended well. The brush that comes with the contour palette makes application so easy! I am so in love with how convenient it is for me to create a chiseled look for my not so slim face." - Aisya

Cyber Colors V-Shape Contour Powder

8. Get eyebrows on fleek with Stay Brow Powder from Cyber Colors

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"I was most excited to test this out mainly 'coz I think eyebrows make one of the biggest differences on your face. This is my first time using this type of applicator - a dipliner with a brow brush. Both of which didn't disappoint! The application was easy to use - a little bit of product went a long way. Although I prefer to use a more dense texture, I'd definitely recommend this for those who are new to doing their brows." - Tammy

Stay Brow Powder | Cyber Colors

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9. Go glam with this simple yet stylish eyeshadow palette from Gosh

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“This is a must-have eyeshadow palette with highly pigmented warm and shimmery gold shades. I love it 'cause I don’t have to apply too much to make it look amazing on camera. I can even create any eye look that matches my style with this palette! It's small and convenient, making it easier to do your makeup on the go.” - Murni

9 Shades Shadow Collection | Gosh

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10. Define and perfect your cat eyes with Super Stay Fine Liner by Cyber Colors

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"Mastering the cat eye is no easy but with this eyeliner, it definitely helps a lot. The fine and soft brush is perfect for getting sharp flicks and is a major time saver when trying to apply a perfect wing. Great that it's smudge resistant too!" - Ashiqin 

Super Stay Fine Liner | Cyber Colors

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11. Doll up for the festive season with Pressed Eyeshadow by Anas

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"This eyeshadow really surprised me. It turned out to be so pigmented and matte. The shade Tortilla is the perfect colour of warm and toasted brown. It looked glamorous without looking over the top. I would definitely wear this for Raya because since the colour is natural, I think it goes very well with any colour of tudung." - Aisya

"There are only about 4-5 eye shadow shades that I usually gravitate towards. This particular colour called Taj Mahal is definitely one I would use. It's great for a day-to-night look and very buildable. It also didn't have fall out when I was applying it, which is a pet peeve of mine when it comes to eye shadows." - Tammy

Pressed Eyeshadow | Anas

12. Add a touch of drama to your look with Anas Ultra Madness Mascara

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"As a mascara fiend, I am constantly looking for a clump-free mascara. Anas Ultra Madness Mascara is definitely that. No matter how many coats I applied, the mascara remained clump-free which allowed me to create volume for my lashes. I also love how the dense bristle is able to reach my tiniest lashes. I find that the mascara did not smudge even after a busy day. This mascara is undoubtedly ultra madness." - Aisya

Ultra Madness Mascara | Anas

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13. Pucker up with liquid lipstick from Anas

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"This is seriously long-lasting liquid lipstick. I can eat a huge meal and not have to worry about smudges at all. It goes on smooth and thick for that radiant matte finish!" - Laila

Liquid Lipstick | Anas

14. Stay flawless while enjoying your lemang with Kiss Me Matt Lips by Gosh

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"A great nude for every day! One of those colours that’s easy to pull off no matter your skin tone. Not a lot of matte lip products are moisturising, so I was surprised that it felt a lot like I was wearing lip balm!" - Katrina

Kiss Me Matte Lips | Gosh

15. Nourish and lift your skin with this gel-mud body lotion from Collistar

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"This gel-mud body lotion is seriously dense, thick, and super luscious. It feels like you're having a spa treatment every time you lather it on. And it makes your skin really soft and smoooooth!" - Laila

Anti-cellulite Reducing Gel-Mud | Collistar

16. Turn heads with this sweet and fresh eau de parfum from Marina De Bourbon

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"The perfume has a very distinctive floral smell due to its rose scent, therefore it is great for times where you want to smell extra feminine. It is fresh, sweet and will make you smell like a full-bloom spring. Great for daily wear!" - Ashiqin

Cristal Royal Rose | Marina De Bourbon

Look at all these Raya beauty goodies OMG! We can't wait to balik kampung and get the festivities started.

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