Meet The 12-Year-Old Professional Makeup Artist Who Worked At London Fashion Week

Her love for makeup began when she was three.

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While many of us were still playing with toys, three-year-old Nathannan was busying herself by practising makeup after watching YouTube tutorials

Three-year-old Nathannan in her first YouTube video.

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At the age of five, Nathannan shot to fame after her mum decided to upload a YouTube video of her daughter doing makeup

Though many netizens praised her for her skills, the young Thai girl also received a fair share of negative comments criticising her parents for allowing her to use makeup at such an age.

In a BBC interview last year, Nanthannan shared that she did not understand what those criticisms meant at the age of five.

"I read them again when I was seven and went to bed in tears," she told the news portal.

Instead of letting those negative comments affect her, Nathannan was determined to improve her skills and enrolled in makeup courses when she was seven

"She knows makeup is not for children, but it is what she loves and will keep on doing it," her mum Natcha Sanunrat told BBC, adding that she tried to hide her personal makeup from her daughter in the beginning.

"She is learning all the time and trying hard to improve herself. I think this must be her real passion."

By the time she was nine, Nanthannan became extremely popular in Thailand, as many wanted to hire her to do their makeup

Fantasy makeup look by Nanthanna.

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Her skills improved greatly that it eventually led her to work with other professional makeup artists at London Fashion Week in 2018!

This was the first time Nanthannan was able to show off her skills on an international stage in front of the world.

Nanthannan, who recently turned 12, has been uploading makeup tutorials on her YouTube page, which has over 278,000 subscribers. She also has over 900,000 followers on Facebook.

"If you enjoy doing something, set your goal, and be determined to achieve it.
You can do it. Just be passionate," Nanthannan added in her BBC interview.

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