12 Incredibly Stunning Photos Of Blue Hour From Around The World

Truly blue-tiful!

Cover image via Anna Shtraus (Flickr)

Forget about the 'supermoon', here's a truly spectacular photography-worthy phenomenon you should be getting hyped about: 'Blue Hour'

It happens twice a day, once in the morning at around 6.30am - 7.30am, and once in the evening at around 6pm - 7pm.

Check out some of these stunning photos of blue hour from all around the world for inspiration:

1. Albufera National Park, Valencia, Spain

The park is one of the most important wetland areas in the Iberian Peninsula as it plays host to the largest lake in Spain. The large surface area of water makes it absolutely beautiful during blue hour when the vast lake reflects the colours in the sky and the two almost seem united as one.

2. City of Dubai from above, Dubai

Dubai has risen to become a global city famed for its position as the economic and business hub of the Middle East. It is as well known for its skyscrapers and high-rise buildings (in particular, the Burj Khalifa a.k.a the world's tallest building) as it is for being a shopaholic's paradise. Seen from above during blue hour is when Dubai's modern allure can truly be appreciated.

3. Borobudur Temple, Central Java, Indonesia

Blue hour gives this largest Buddhist temple in the world an almost ethereal quality, particularly highlighting the 72 Buddha statues surrounding the central dome. Each one is seated inside its own perforated stupa (a mound-like structure containing relics that is used as a place of meditation).

4. Big Bend National Park, Texas, USA

The Big Bend National Park is one of the largest yet most remote national parks in the lower 48 United States, making it a hidden gem just waiting to be discovered. The wide open often cloudless skies of the desert makes it perfect to enjoy blue hour at its finest.

5. Kuala Lumpur City, Malaysia

Image via Conor MacNeill

Did you know that in terms of population and economy, our beloved national capital city is one of the fastest growing metropolitan regions in South-East Asia? And our gorgeous Petronas Twin Towers have not only become an iconic symbol of our futuristic development, but also as a globally popular landmark. The familiar view gets taken to a whole new level during blue hour and is not to be missed even for locals.

6. Bay Bridge, San Francisco, USA

This direct connecting road between San Francisco and Oakland has withstood the test of time to remain as one of the most famous landmarks in the United States. Dropping by during blue hour will ensure you manage to get a gorgeous shot that stands out from the rest, as many usually tend to focus their photos of the bridge on red, gold and purple hues.

7. The Louvre Museum, Paris, France

What was once long ago a battle/defensive fortress has long since been transformed into the largest and second-most visited museum in the world, home to over 35,000 objects. The combination of ancient and modern architecture of the building itself makes it as beautiful and unique as the masterpieces it holds within. This is exquisitely demonstrated when it truly comes to life in an almost magical way during blue hour.

8. Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Considered to be the key site for worship in the country, blue hour completely transforms the already stunning mosque, highlighting its unique features and giving it a gently mesmerizing beauty.

10. Lake Erie, North America, USA

A popular activity at Lake Erie is diving for shipwrecks as it is estimated that there are thousands in the area. There have also been unconfirmed sightings of a creature similar to the Loch Ness Monster over the years. The colours and effects of blue hour lend even more to its seemingly mystical and mysterious characteristics.

11. St. Peter's Basilica, Rome, Italy

This Italian Renaissance church in Vatican City is the most prominent building in the Vatican City and is one of the holiest sites of Christianity and Catholicism. Its dome is a dominant feature of the skyline of Rome, often featuring on postcards and in photography. Blue hour not only highlights the beauty of the Basilica but also brings out the romance of the city.

12. Château de la Napoule, Mandelieu-la-Napoule, France

This restored French castle has been classified as a historical landmark since 1993 and is particularly notable for its gardens. There's something about the way that the muted facade of the castle contrasts with the deep blue of both the sea and sky surrounding it during blue hour that makes it absolutely breathtaking, almost as if it was returned to its former glory.

Which one inspires you the most? Let us know in the comments section below. :)

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