"I Was Very Impressed" — British Travel Writer Praises Malaysia's ETS For Good Service

Facebook users from all over the world also praised our beloved KTM ETS for its great hospitality.

Cover image via Richard Barrow (Facebook)

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A British travel writer and educator, Richard Barrow, who is based in Thailand, praised Keretapi Tanah Melayu's Electric Train Service (KTM ETS) for their spectacular hospitality

Barrow, who frequently documents his travel experiences on Facebook, recently wrote about his experience taking the KTM ETS from Butterworth to Kuala Lumpur.

In the Facebook post, Barrow said he splurged on the business class seat, which he paid RM150 for.

Throughout the four-hour journey, Barrow was impressed with KTM ETS' services, even comparing them to Thai trains.

"I am very impressed with everything about the KTM ETS. Thailand urgently needs to upgrade its rolling stock. I know they have Red Line trains now, but they don't go very far. This is precisely what we need to bring to Chiang Mai," said Barrow.

He was pleased that KTM ETS provided him with lunch and compared the experience to flying

Barrow stated that after the train departed, he was greeted warmly by train attendants who served him his lunch. They then gave him coffee, tea, and snacks to keep him company on his journey.

"Very similar experience to flying," he said.

He was mostly amazed by the restaurant carriage inside the train

Despite its small size, Barrow deemed the restaurant carriage to be one of the nicest aspects of the train because of its connection to the other regular carriage.

"I have not experienced one of these for a while," he said.

"Hopefully, Thailand will have restaurant carriages by January next year."

Facebook users from all over the world have left comments on Barrow's post praising the service offered by KTM ETS

In a comment, one user said she is currently in Malaysia and that she, like Barrow, is very impressed with the quality of our trains.

Another user highlighted that the trains are clean and organised.

Malaysians also commented on Barron's post, thanking him for his positive feedback and kind words.

Read Barrow's full reviews and journey on the KTM ETS train here.

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