You Can Buy An Automatic Mahjong Table That Shuffles & Arranges The Tiles For You

Now even 'ah ma' or 'po po' can play and chill.

Cover image via Jane Chong (Provided to SAYS)

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Mahjong and good food have probably been some of the many highlights this week as Chinese New Year festivities have been in full swing

If you've been getting your mahjong game face on, this special table is for you.

A short video provided to SAYS by Jane Chong, who hails from Malaysia, shows that you'll never need to shuffle or arrange your tiles again. 

Take a look:

In the video, Chong and her family are seen pushing all of the tiles into the centre of the table. One person presses a button and they sit back and relax while the table automatically shuffles and arranges the tiles for each player.

How convenient. 

She shared that her parents bought the table from China many years ago.

But the good news is that we spotted a similar foldable version on Shopee and Lazada

Even if you're not great at mahjong, this automatic feature will guarantee some impressed 'ooh's and ahh's' from relatives and friends.

It's a good ice breaker and might just bring you some extra 'ong' too. ;)

Image via Lazada

The Auto Reshuffle Mahjong table costs between RM2,380 and RM3,590. 

You can get it on Shopee or Lazada.

Last year, this cool Lunar New Year Monopoly set was sold in Malaysia and it came with 'gold' tokens:

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Image via SAYS