Monopoly's Lunar New Year Edition Set Comes With 'Gold' Tokens. Ong Ah!

It's available in Malaysia for RM99.

Cover image via Celia Chong (Facebook)

Chinese New Year may look a little different this year. But it doesn't mean there's no room for good fortune... in paper form at least.

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Monopoly just released a Lunar New Year Edition set and it's perfect for you and your quarantine buddies

Well, it actually appeared on shelves before Christmas. But who's counting? :P

Facebook user Celia Chong recently shared her set on Subtle Asian Traits' Facebook group and here's how it looks:

It comes in a vibrant red and gold theme. And the usual hat, ship, dog, and other tokens you find in the original Monopoly set have been replaced with 'gold' CNY versions!

The tokens are golden tangerines, a lion head, a bull, a firecracker, a gold ingot, and a lantern. Fancy. 

The rules of the game are also slightly different from the original. Instead of buying properties, players buy shops, collect gifts, and find good fortune to win. 

Some of the places you can buy include a jade shop, a flower market, and a firecracker shop. The more shops you own, the more money you can earn from opponents buying gifts from your shops.

The game also includes 'Fortune Stick' cards that seem oh so relatable. 

The set even comes with a packet of ang pows (red envelopes) where you can store your tokens, cards, or money

Similar to the original game, you're still using paper money.

The sets are available at Toys"R"Us outlets for RM99. But we've also spotted it at several other stores in Malaysia, like Parkson.

Image via Toys"R"Us

You can order it on the Toys"R"Us website.

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