You Can Now Receive Financial Payouts When You Buy A Property With IJM Land

It's the first of its kind in Malaysia.

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Wouldn't you love to have your own property?

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A place of your own that you can call home. You'll have more privacy, get to decorate and renovate anyway you want, and not have to answer to a landlord.

Plus, your home will typically increase in value over time, generating further future income for you, especially if you plan to rent it out.

In the long-term, being a property-owner is one of the best investments you can make!

IJM Land is collaborating with Allianz to bring you 3-in-1 home protection

Buying a property is a huge financial commitment for many years, and you also never know what might happen in your personal life, which can lead to a sudden change in any long term plans you have.

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This protection scheme is the first of its kind in Malaysia and provides three types of insurance for home owners

The Triple Protection Scheme, known as IJM Land’s HomeTIPS, will enable you to invest in a home without the stress of financial uncertainties.

IJM, in partnership with Allianz Life Insurance Malaysia and Allianz General Insurance Company, has created three insurance schemes that will span 36 months from the date of signing the Sales & Purchase Agreement.

You receive financial payouts from accidents, illness and unemployment

As an IJM Land owner, this is how you benefit:

1. If you are involuntarily terminated from employment during the 3-year policy, you'll receive financial payout with the Unemployment Insurance

2. On selected properties, you'll receive a financial payout if you suffer a permanent disability during the term of the policy with the Personal Accident Scheme

3. And in the case of death, your loved ones will receive financial benefits with the Group Term Life Scheme

Investing in a home is a huge milestone. You should enjoy it with protection from the start.

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At IJM Land we believe in building not just homes, but relationships. We want our home buyers to be confident in the fact, that should something untoward happen, IJM Land is able to help secure the roof over their heads with these unique insurance schemes underwritten by Allianz.

"The insurance benefits offer a range of financial payouts that can help mitigate unfortunate situations. It is our hope, IJM Land home buyers can rest easy with the knowledge that we are investing in their financial future”, said Edward Chong, the Managing Director of IJM Land.

If you’re interested to learn more about investing in your future with the Triple Protection Scheme, visit the IJM Land website

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