[VIDEO] This Açaí Bar In Publika Serves Protein-Packed Smoothie Bowls And More

Made with organic açaí pulp, the bowls here are served the authentic Brazilian way!

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Looking for authentic açaí bowls in KL?

Cabana Açaí Bar in Publika serves protein-packed smoothie bowls and more! Made with organic açaí pulp, the bar serves their bowls the Brazilian way.

Using premium imported açaí berries, Cabana pays close attention to temperature control of their smoothie bowls to ensure diners here are treated to a unique frozen texture - just like how they do it in Brazil!

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Found in the rain forests of the Amazon, açaí berries are known to be one of the healthiest superfoods. Used for centuries for healing and energy boosting, this antioxidants-rich berry helps with cellular health, digestion, weight loss and more.

The Tropical Thunder, blended and topped with fresh fruits, is a must-try!

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This Insta-friendly bowlful comprises of strawberries, kiwi, bananas and coconut flakes served atop their signature açaí base.

Upping your protein intake? Check out Flex On The Beach, made with a combination of chocolate and natural whey protein.

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Gym-goers will love this one! Chocolate whey protein is blended into the açaí base for added flavour, and it's topped with natural whey protein, bananas, granola and a drizzle of peanut butter and cashew butter.

For something a little more traditional, the Rio Classic keeps it simple with a delicious bananas and granola combo

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This straightforward yet satisfying combo is a classic Brazilian-style way of enjoying the açaí bowl.

Açaí smoothies are available here too!

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Check out their interesting flavours here:

For more info on Cabana Açaí Bar:

Address: Lot 63, Level UG, Publika Shopping Gallery, Kuala Lumpur

Opening Hours: 10am - 10pm (daily)

More info on: Facebook | Instagram

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