This Super Cute Bouquet Is Only Available For Valentine's And You 'Gut' To Have It

It comes with a bottle of CALPIS limited edition flavour!

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This Spotlight is sponsored by CALPIS.

Instead of the conventional chocolates and soft toys, CALPIS wants to give you more guts to express your love differently this Valentine's Day

Image via 50Gram

That's why CALPIS is collaborating with 50Gram so you can now gift a gorgeous bouquet with a bottle of their limited edition flavour - CALPIS Cherry Blossom.

Available on 50Gram's website right now, the CALPIS Sakura bouquet is complete with pretty roses, eucalyptus leaves, and a limited edition CALPIS Cherry Blossom. Not only is the bouquet beautiful, it's the perfect healthy gift for those you care about.

If you don't know, CALPIS is Japan's first cultured milk drink and it can help you maintain good gut health. Your loved ones will absolutely love it!

The best part is this CALPIS video, that celebrates Malaysians who have the guts (teehee!) to express their love

In addition to their exclusive bouquet with 50Gram, CALPIS went around to reward Malaysians who were daring enough to express their love in different ways.

Remember this waiter who danced to BLACKPINK's Kill This Love while serving his customers? He had the guts to step out of his comfort zone and show off his dance moves, bringing joy and laughter to thousands of people as his video went viral.

That's why CALPIS sent him a bouquet of CALPIS Sakura to reward him for his daring expression of love. In the video, CALPIS also surprised other Malaysians for their acts of courage and love throughout the year. Watch the full video below:

Now, it's your turn to step up and have the guts to show you care, by sending a CALPIS Sakura bouquet to someone special today!

Image via 50Gram

Along with the bouquet, you could surprise your bae with a special treat, take your parents out for a meal, do something fun with your bestie, or perform a random act of kindness. You don't need a special occasion to show someone how much you care!

Find out about this bouquet and more on 50Gram's website today!

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