These Adorable Christmas Themed Candles Are All-Natural And Make The Perfect Festive Gift

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Christmas is coming soon which means that you're probably on the hunt for good gifts for your loved ones

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Should you get them something meaningful or something practical? Maybe you should just give them money and let them buy what they want? Ahhhh there's so many things to consider! And you don't want to be the one who gets them a bad gift. :(

Looking for something unique yet practical? Check out these adorable Christmas themed candles from Candle Lab + Co

The Xmas Love Gift Box @ RM79.

Image via Candle Lab + Co

From Christmas trees, to snowflakes, and even Santa Claus, these festive shaped candles will definitely make for a great gift to your loved ones, or maybe even for a Secret Santa. ;)

They even come in limited edition gift sets to make your gift shopping even easier! With these sets, you won't have to stress over what to get.

Xmas Love Gift Box
Includes: 1 Xmas tree candle + 1 snowflake candle, Xmas cookies, a candle coaster, and matches
Price: RM79

Xmas Exclusive Gift Box
Includes: 1 Santa Claus candle + 1 snowflake candle + 2 Xmas tree tealight candles, Xmas cookies, a candle coaster, and matches
Price: RM139

The Xmas Exclusive Gift Box @ RM138.

Image via Candle Lab + Co

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Besides the cool shapes, what makes Candle Lab + Co special is what they're made from

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Many of us enjoy burning candles at home for relaxing vibes and lovely scents, but how many of us actually bother checking to see what ingredients are used to make them? Lots of candles actually contain paraffin wax and additional additives, which can be detrimental to your health in the long run.

Instead, all the candles from Candle Lab + Co are made from natural ingredients that are harmless to the body, so you can use it everyday without worrying!

Only soy wax or palm wax is used in the making of these candles, as they are both natural waxes that won't harm your health

Image via Candle Lab + Co

When melted, soy wax does not release dangerous carcinogens into the air, making it a healthier alternative to paraffin wax. Soy wax also burns cleaner and produces as much as 90% less soot than paraffin wax. 

This helps to keep the air clean, as it reduces the amount of indoor air pollution produced. Plus, soy wax burns slower than paraffin wax, making your candles last longer and giving you more value for money.

Image via Candle Lab + Co

Meanwhile, as a natural vegetable wax made from palm oil, palm wax is an environmentally friendly product, since it comes from a sustainable and renewable source.

It burns cleanly and is also a unique wax as it's able to add a wonderful crystal/snowflake effect to the candles.

With prices ranging from RM25 to RM159, Candle Lab + Co candles are available in all kinds of different types and scents

Image via Candle Lab + Co

Choose from pillar candles, container candles, flower candles, cone candles, or even the super cute dessert series candles. They're all totally #aesthetic and will make for a beautiful piece of decor in your home.

Image via Candle Lab + Co

All their fragrance oils are sourced from the UK. Whether you like floral, fruity, light, or strong scents, you'll definitely find a candle that meets your taste.

Here are all their scents:
- Jasmine
- Lavender
- Grapefruit
- Lemon
- Rosemary
- Rose
- Sea Salt & Citrus
- English Pear & Freesia
- Sea Breeze
- Midnight Mist
- English Garden

For more information on Candle Lab + Co, check out their Facebook and Instagram

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