[VIDEO] Watch This Cute 6-Year-Old Talk About Healthy Toilet Habits

We know all your dirty secrets...

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Do you wash your hands after using the toilet?

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Or you just slip out of the toilet without washing your hands because no one's looking?

Did you know that you could fall sick if you don't? Listen to Cassy's explanation:

You should also close the toilet lid before you flush

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Closing the toilet lid before flushing will make sure that bacteria will be properly flushed away, instead of being shot onto the walls or other toiletries nearby.

Here's a final word of advice from Cassy:

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But seriously, the bacteria present in the toilet could easily harm your child's digestive system

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To make sure that your child has healthy bowel movement, you must first make sure that he or she has a healthy digestive tract. Harmful germs like Salmonella, E. Coli O157, and Norovirus can cause diarrhoea and fever; severe cases may even result in hospitalisation.

Teach your child to practise healthy toilet habits today to prevent unhealthy bowel movements. You can find out more about it here.

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